I have click or pops within the song after rendering

(marbangens) #1

Hello, I have a problem, when I playback my song I her no click or pops but after rendering was done to a wav file I listen and hear clicks/pops are there.

But I don’t her them when I play the song in Renoise, what going on?

could there be a problem when rendering with a limiter on the master channel?

I tried real time and offline

(dblue) #2

after rendering was done to a wav file I listen and hear clicks/pops

What are you using to play the WAV file?

If you have rendered a 32-bit WAV then some players may not handle it properly or may produce distorted output.

Can you upload a small example XRNS song and a WAV render to compare?

(marbangens) #3

Im on linux and use plugins you might not have, there is no part in the song where I don’t have carla with wine-rt.

Pops occur always at the same time, there could be a bug in Carla but I’m not sure. cus normal playback works.

I also have windows on this machine and I think I may have run into this problem there to one time. I tried 32-bit and 24-bit no difference

I can upload the wav file, but the song will maybe be useless unless you go thru all the trouble installing all my weird plugins

wav file


song file


(Zer0 Fly) #4

Might be a problem with some plugin. I’ve also notived sometimes plugins behave different on render than they do realtime.

(dblue) #5

I can upload the wav file, but the song will maybe be useless

Yeah, I’m on Windows here, so I won’t be able to fully test the song unfortunately.

I can still check out the WAV and see if there’s anything strange going on.

A small snippet should be fine, doesn’t have to be the whole song.

(dblue) #6

Quickly checking the WAV now…

Not being familiar with your music, which seems to be quite experimental and noisy to begin with, it’s truthfully a bit difficult for me to spot any major problems that may be lurking in there.

One thing’s for sure, though… The waveform is really squashed to hell, haha.

The heavy overdriven sound itself is not necessarily a problem, but I think the fact that you have it fully normalised to 0dBFS may be partly to blame.

Some DACs do not handle full 0dBFS signals very well, and especially if there’s any resampling involved at some point, it may result in “inter-sample peaks” that actually exceed 0dBFS and clip the output.

Here’s a pretty nice article that goes into more detail: http://www.musictech.net/2012/09/10mm-no211-inter-sample-peaks/

So, my first tip would be to simply avoid normalising to 0dBFS, and instead leave yourself a little bit of room. I find -1dB to be plenty for my needs, but I’ve seen others recommend a bit lower like -2dB or even -3dB.

Either way, try to simply lower the volume of your output by a small amount and see if that helps. If it’s the limiter on the master doing it, then simply drop the levels down a bit.