I have MY OWN avatar :)

come on people, make your own, don’t use preinstalled ones… :D

With what program can i make my own???


Jeroen B)

you can draw it in any drawing program like photoshop, paintshop or even microsoft bitmap editor :)

then you export into GIF or JPG and edit this board settings to show avatar. can’t be too hard can it?

I have made my own, but i don’t have a web adress. Can it also be done without one ???


Jeroen B)

I have also my own. And it might change from time to time. I love avatars. :D

I like your avatar looza.

Ok. A wish from a Renoise-developer is my law :) :lol:

i was… more like… suggestion, to make forum look more interesting and to get rid of those squared images that are preinstalled…

Send the file to me at “martin at renoise dot youknowwhat”, and I’ll upload it at my (empty) page.

Now I have one too! (if anyone wants to stalk me, now you know what I look like) :)

Jeroen: the avatar file must stay on an url, I didn’t think of that. It’s better if you just start a free homepage yourself somewhere and put the image there.

I would be happy to see how every registered forum user looks like. Anyone who knows how to, and wants to, please put a pic of yourself in this forum. I think this will decrease the distance between us :)

dunno, its called “avatar” for a reason … and I am not that pretty. :lol:

Change my avatar and this is me!!

Been trying to get my proper sig up for weeks but nothing works (IMG, HTTP, HTLM)

looza very cool tiny creature there :slight_smile:

I had an avatar I designed but lost it a couple of years ago, so, since I’m a terrible drawer it would be a too big effort for me to reproduce it, so I took this stupid pic of myself

i’ve aslo a wish make some avatar, but i have no idea what to use/create for that… so, it’s coming soon i guess.


I’m a ninja!! :ph34r:

ok, this now looks much more colorful :)

Well, here’s a butt-ugly picture of how I used to look like three years ago. Avathaaar indeed! :drummer: