I Have Some Troubles With Connect Ableton 7 (Slave) Via Rewire

Hi friends! I have some troubles:

I installed latest version of Renoise to my laptop (with Windows 7 Starter).
I start Renoise, then start Ableton 7, and Renoise don’t see Ableton as slave (and of cause, Ableton don’t see Renoise as master). I add “#ReWire In” to Renoise track and no ReWire slaves are in the list…

Please help me!

PS Sorry for my bad English))

Renoise cannot be ReWire Master, and Ableton Live cannot be ReWire Slave to Renoise. Hopefully this will help.

Also, check this old page: Logic (ReWire Master), Renoise (ReWire Slave) ////////////// Ableton Live (ReWire Master), Renoise (ReWire Slave) how-to-page

Thank you man!

But Ableton has not convenient sequencer… May be you know another way to send MIDI-signals from Renoise to Live on Windows 7? I ask it because Renoise is the best tracker-sequencer but Live Suite has some good instruments inside…

Peace and thanxx again!

If you were on OSX, I’d tell you to use IAC Bus (Inter Application C(something)) - it’s the OSX version of “Virtual Midi Cable” / “Hubi’s Midi LoopBack Device” etc. There are PC versions you can use to create a virtual midi-port which you can have Renoise send to, and Ableton Live can receive it. It will still make sense to have Renoise as a ReWire Slave for Ableton Live’s ReWire Master, but you will be using Renoise to start the playback and Renoise to send midi-notes to Ableton Live - and you probably already know how to arm/enable certain midi-tracks in Ableton Live to respond to notes sent by Renoise.
I am not sure if Renoise(ReWire Slave) can also send midi via the ReWire Midi instrument - it might be possible, but I’ve always used a virtual midi device/driver/port to have Renoise talk to Ableton Live).

This suffices.
Renoise can definately be ReWire Master, Only Ableton is convinced it is destined to rule the world by himself so he doesn’t allow renoise to be the master.

I have a rather strong feeling that Logic also doesn’t want to allow Renoise to be a ReWire Master :)

Thanx again man!

I used IAC driver when I had a MacBook. But now I have a PC-laptop and I tried to find IAC analog for Windows but cannot…
I tried to send midi to Live by various methods, but they are not works… I believe there is some way…

May be you know any IAC analog for Windows?

Peace and thank you for quick response…

CopperLan, MidiYoke, LoopBe

Oh thanxx friends! Just install LoopBe1 and now it’s ok! Thanx all mates who don’t lazy to answer beginners questions!


great to know! Any suggestions as to things which Renoise could control as a ReWire master?