I Just Want To Ask..

…wheter there ever was a Kaneel’s tutorial on slicing beats, by using Ctrl+Shift+C ? (to be specific)

I have found this workaround, to allmost replace my earlier want of a support for Native REX format import - because such a handwork can be easily made by anyone willing to spend a little me on what one wishes to accomplish.

So incase there were earlier tutorials about one Ctrl+Shift+C:ing 16th note precise parts of the loops as individual hits, I am sorry for raising discussion over the need for a Rex import. Though I do understand, why someone not that skilled at using different software for converting their filetypes, might see things in the way I saw before, that there needs to be a quick way of importing their loops…

Well, Kaneel promised to remove all his video tutorials on Youtube so it’s most likely gone if there ever were one, so mentioning the workaround is not overdone.

I bet scripting will enable one to batch cut a sample into bits at the click of a button :) .

One click beat slicing never works well
I would like to be proven wrong but have not been so far (Lot of years)
The little time it takes to slice a beat is well worth the effort


Why did Kaneel freak out and commit renoise exile?

It’s what all the cool kids are doing.

Why are we still here, Connor?


You have been watching The Highlander once too many times ;)

This kind of thing happens a lot with creatives. I know from experience.

You make something which you think is perfect, you post it online, and into the public arena with the best of intentions, and it gets hammered left right and centre by idiots. It starts to hurt after a while and everything starts too look ugly.

I think he did the right thing to get out for a while.

Wherever you are at the moment, Kaneel, I hope you are feeling better, matey!

That’s why you should never assume something is perfect unless you only have made the work for yourself.
I’m not that harsh to say something sucks against anyone, not even the biggest noob. If it is perfect, then it simply is perfect. Just simply not my style perhaps, but perfect nonetheless :)

Creating something perfect = means something everybody likes ( humanoids ) is simply imposible

… and by the way … r.i.p. transient (1996-2010)


hehe, well for the record, yes i am killing off the transient project, but i’m not stopping the music.

right now most of my musical time is being taken up by the live act (myself and a drummer) (http://soundcloud.com/synewaveband/sets/synewave-hooves-clackle-ep) (which btw i use renoise for)

and i am taking a break from the solo stuff but very much plan on a variety of different loosely genre based projects in the future!

38 hours is just breaking the surface hopefully :P