I Kinda Miss The Panic Button :(

Maybe instead of pressing stop twice, one could also be able to right click it (and be rewarded with the ■ changing into a :o)

I know it’s really minor… but… :P

Well, the question is why you need it as a “feature”, need to press it that often?

Hitting stop twice IMHO is quite a natural gesture:

  • Something bad happens, feedback and noise every where
  • Stop
  • Nothing happens! Still noise everywhere!
  • WTF! STOP!

-> Panic ;)

But beside of this you can still assign a shortcut to “Panic” in the keyboard prefs, or MIDI mappings…

Yes, all the time actually. On the other hand, I never need to stop the playback without stopping the fx ;) (although I can see it’s nice to have the option for live situations).

I agree, but addtional right click instant panic wouldnt take away from that?

I know, and I have, but when you have the mouse in hand it sometimes is actually faster to use it, so if this would be easy to do - I’d love to have it.

me too, where is teh panic button??

As taktik said earlier: press the Stop button twice, or assign your own custom keyboard shortcut to it.

I tend to that a lot, hitting on stuff multiple times until it works. So pressing stop twice is natural for me too. :P

I mostly need to press Panic when there’s something like a sticky note (no idea if it’s called that way, the thing when a note keeps playing although you’re not pressing it anymore)…

On the front of your computer, look for a button that looks similar to:


This is done for the next beta now:
Hit Stop When already Stopped -> Panic
Hit Stop With the Right Mouse Button -> Panic

yay! maybe I’m just using wonky vsti/fx (lots of freeware stuff), but I actually use panic more often than stop, because stop rarely actually stops the sound.

I use the panic button seldomly as I tend to delete crappy vst(i).
And I’m using freeware plugins only.

Thanks man! that saves me from running around in circles screaming LULULULULULULU