I Know How Much You All Love Trance

Would love comments on this one.

What should be done? Are the different parts any good? Should there be more of them? Should something be removed? How can I give it more lift? My mixing gets a little bit better each time, but I bet something’s off this time too.


My fifth song in renoise.

I dig the chords and the melody but the drums simply don’t fit and the hole mix sounds quite cheesy. I even would not say this is trance. Or at least pretty oldschool trance…

The drums are making me aggressive but trance is more “floating” somehow… In general I’d say it’s really chaotic… But no trance :)

I’d say this is more of a demostyle track.

Mind you the only reason i listened to this was that Marc Shake thought it didn’t sound like trance. What I’m trying to say is that; no we don’t all love trance hehe…
I kinda despise trance.

Anyway, I like this tune!
I like the “chaotic” feel it has, the only thing i would cut down on is the last part with all the drums, when it kinda reaches climax, it goes on for too long. It should last a bit shorter.

I also like the way you kinda tune down the song at about halfway through.

One more thing; it could use a bit mastering, why not try a compressor on it? Make it a bit more punchy.

Nice tune all in all though.

All kinds of thanks to both of you.

Sorry for crying wolf, Shake, but it worked. Two interesting comments in no time. The guy I’m playing keys for said it sounded like something between trance, bitpop and synthpop. Rarely listen to trance and bitpop, but trance can be fantastic to dance to. Would be proud to create a good trance song, but I obviously don’t know what that is. Learning as I go, here.

Seeing Dufey was surprisingly positive, I want some more from you, Shake:

What exactly is wrong with the drums? Is it the sound, the programming or both?
And what makes for a cheesy mix?

I’m really just a guitarist with muscular pain hindering my playing. Renoise to the rescue!

Well, maybe I was too harsh with my short critics. The production itself is rocksolid and well executed although I simply do not like the drumsamples in general. In my opinion the programming is too hectic and more breakbeat than trance.

With cheesy mix I meant that the whole mix sounds some sort of “frequency-mish-mashup” the sounds steal their characteristics from each other. Some EQing and some volume adjusting might help.

But still it is no trance. It’s somehow really more “demostyle”. Nevertheless I was too harsh because I expected trance but got something else :)