I Know It's A Sin But...

Sometimes I’m tempted to tell people "Oh yeah, even the guy who created Madtracker said himself ‘Renoise has me wondering if I’m in the right business’ or maybe tell people he said ‘Why should I finish Madtracker 3 when I myself use Renoise?’ " But I know it’s not right to lie. But now that I’m thinking about it, he has to know about Renoise, I’m just anticipating how it makes him feel… and yeah, there are the Madtracker faithfuls out there, but c’mon renoise blows every tracker out of the water. But I don’t know a lot about tracking yet. Still learning myself. I know enough not to use buzz.
it’s late I’m sorry that I need rest before posting this.
:panic: :w00t:

What’s your point exactly?

Yannick (creator of MadTracker) does know about Renoise. In fact he posts on this forum from time to time (usually to reply to threads like this). I don’t think the existence of other programs like Renoise, Fruityloops, etc., will stop him from working on the thing he enjoys working on. If he enjoys programming MadTracker, and has a passion for it, then I don’t think a bit of competition will stop him. In fact it will probably encourage him to make MadTracker even better.

I’m a registered user of both MadTracker and Renoise. I don’t really use MadTracker that much these days, but I did register it for a reason - it kicked ass at the time. These days I just prefer what Renoise can offer me. It’s a simple matter of taste, a lot of people prefer MadTracker to Renoise, or Fruityloops, or Cubase, etc.

I think that whatever people can use to help them realise their ideas, is cool. There isn’t enough room in this “scene” for users of programs to talk shit to users of other programs, y’know? We’re all trying to achieve the same result anyway… to make music.


And it really doesn’t matter how we create it, as long as it sounds KICKASS (Cartman voice) in the end :)

Oh who am I kidding…: Renoise IS better :D


You have to remember that Madtracker 2 came out 5 years ago in 2000. At the time it was the most powerful tracker with automated effects like delay and filter. Renoise derived a lot of influence from MT.
The current Madtracker build 2.5 is boosting some of the same power as Renoise as far as having VSTi and track effects.
Yannick has been on the boards, and he seems very cool. I think he’s very in tune with the tracking scene, so I expect a great product from him.

So when Madtracker 3 is released… :huh: It wil maybe will take some of the users from Renoise. No one thinks that Mt3 will be ‘better’ than Renoise, it will just have some features that are innovative.
But yeah, Renoise is the dopest ever, Only thing that hold any competition for #2 is fl and mt2. Skale is maybe #3. in my opinion.


Tracking ain’t about business. If it is, i move on to another tracker.

I too am a registered version of both MT2 and Renoise. MT2 was pretty good back in 2000 as previously mentioned. Still is. For me now it’s interface (FT2 aesthetics over windows aesthetics! ;) ) and OS X.Other than that MT 2.5 offers a reasonable product.

The real problem with MT2 is the “ego” factor that had users like me wait 3 years for something that never happened. I moved on. PSSST: I’m gonna let all you devs in on a little secret: The bulk of people who are willing to use (and pay for) trackers were teenagers in the 90’s. It’s cool that it’s “your project” and “your time”, but if you f**** with us… you lose your user base.

Consider teamwork when you can’t pull it off alone.

i think it is the matter of taste… Mad tracker is also very good tracker.

speaking of which… in this ‘competition’ talk, right now, or for any forseeable future, nothing holds a candle to Renoise.

there are some new trackers coming out. I don’t really WANT a new tracker, but I just think maybe they can have new-innovative features that Renoise developers will want to implement.

  1. BeroTracker - I believe this is based off of the Modplug tracker source code that was released. (and like I’ve said a million times, Renoise developers need to get their hands on that source!)… but Bero is going to take off where MPT left off, still in windows though w/ Windows interface.

  2. Aodix 4 - Renoise’s grandfather ‘Arguru’ has done it again. (he’s done…something… i guess) created a new innovative soundtracker that combined Pianoroll and tracker with colored note-columns. But it’s not for regular people or even going to be popular, and it only uses ASIO-cards. (which can be emulated with ASIO4all).


  1. Buzzle - Buzzle takes off (of coz) where Buzz left off. It will support buzz machines and skins. So, I guess old/current buzz users will use this. (not many renoise users) It’s still not out.

  2. Impulse Tracker 3 - 5 years of hype and still nothing. Same with FLAW … so f_ck the hype, I’ma spend my time tracking in Renoise!

  3. AeroStudio - Also uses the Pianoroll + buzz tracker +sequencer interface. (isn’t this FLAW?, but they released it with a different name)

  4. Skale - Skale is still in beta-stage, so I don’t want any sh!t talking! Very FastTracker 2 like for windows. It lacks automation, which would make it a stronger package, but it is already professional.


i was checking out reViSiT the other day an it seems like a really nice idea for ppl who use cubase or logic. the best thing is, on the screen where you have to give up an email it asks you want sequencer your going to use it in and it has renoise in the menu!!!
at first i really didnt understand why use a tracker inside a tracker?
but now i understand completely and
i know alot of good things could come from using a vsti tracker inside a tracker
creates practically unlimited abilities. reViSiT is not really usable yet because hardly enuff actually works. but its still a very great idea and i would probably use it inside renoise once i start doing live performances.