"i Know The Remedy For Your Sickness!"


Have fun!

Nice synth plug, i could get e few nice textures from this one.

For some reason it crashes Renoise every time I close the plugin window… I will investigate further. Sounds nice though.

I get a “Severe Error” message and then Renoise is terminated. Anyone else?

i don’t know, but phonkey, i laugh whenever i see your name because it sounds like “honkey” which here in america is a derogatory term for white people :lol:

crashes my renoise aswell!

Then we should make it a bugreport.
I noticed the plugin crashing in NE but, there is another plug that crashes there when dealing with the close button (which does work in 1.5) so didn’t suspected 1.5 would crash it.

I’ve read some crash report of this VST also in the Japanese FL Studio thread.
It may be somewhat irregular plug-in… :unsure:(crash here, too)

lol p-honkey! sounds like a really lame rap name… :)

it would be a good name for some joke music, similar to “rednex”

Hello everyone,

I work with KeyToSound, I run Tech. I am working to test Remedy in Renoise now, as far as I can tell the crashing happens when clicking sync under the Arp. module. Is everyone else having this issue? Please let me know. I will work on it.

We also have another synth up for download on our site now, Nexsyn, which is our synth we’re actually selling. There is a demo of course, and in my experience it is running solid in Renoise. Please check it out and give me your thoughts! http://www.keytosound.com .

Thanks guys.

well, I would really like to test it, but the remedy download is broken, I get a 404 …

really? Try going here:


let me know if it does not work.

I am still working to track this bug, we will squash it, I assure you!

okay, tested it, when I press the sync button for the arp remedy dies everytime with the latest renoise beta (b6).

Thanks Looza. The issue is most assuredly the sync function in Remedy. I am going to register this bug, and we will work to squash it. Thanks for your help and time!

same here. instant crash.

Judging by the thread title, I was hoping it would have been more cowbell…