I know this has been covered before, but... external samples pls

This post brought to you by me having free time on account of having accidentally hit Cmd-Z and Renoise locking up for about 10 minutes trying to reload Salamander Grand Piano from the undo stack. Esc does nothing…

I have a lot of high quality multisamples that I’d like to be able to use normally with Renoise, but they are completely impractical to work with when Renoise tries to copy the whole thing constantly. I would use VSTs but I’d still like to be able to use tracker commands, ya know?

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Hi @jneen = )

Just checked and undo is remappable: Edit → Preferences → Keys

Can make it less likely to hit accidentally, but hmm…
I have a few buttons that need remap attention too hehe.

Oh I mean hitting undo isn’t really the problem, it’s the locking up for 10-15 minutes on any decently fleshed out multisample :sweat_smile:

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