I like renoise, this is a short song

During the last lock down, I decided to try music and I bought Renoise. I could have stick with the demo version but, I decided to spend money so I would really use the software. At first I wish I bought FLStudio because most of the tutorials you can watch on Youtube is using it. But I’ve never encounter something I couldn’t do in Renoise. Renoise is so under rated, and I will have to use it for years before I feel limited. Back in March, I knew nothing about music, didn’t knew the ABCDEFG, didn’t knew what a chord was, what a beat looked liked, don’t even mention mixing or what VST stands for. But I have always listen to music, several hours a day, electronic music, and liked it. And I knew what a tracker was, and kind of liked demo songs (my family had an Amiga when I was a kid).

Since I started composing songs in Renoise, my listening is different, I’m not just the head banger I used to be. I’m slowly learning to decode this new language. Since March I have read 2 books about music theory, watched countless videos on music, synthesizers and composition on Youtube, spent days in the tracker trying out what I learnt, and having great pleasure composing my OWN songs (for what they are). I used to be a man without a hobby, now I have one :slight_smile:

Today I would like to share my last xrns file. It’s not a whole song, it’s about 30 seconds only. I could spend many weeks on that, but I have to experiment new things. It’s inpired from those old songs made on the first trackers. It’s quite minimalist (xrns is about 800k only), it has a synth that I sampled from the the VST called Dexed, a kick, a snare, a hat. I enjoyed making those 30s, and I like to listen to it. I do hope it won’t make your hears bleeding. Tell me what you think !

dexit.xrns (803.0 KB)

I would like to thanks this small community of Renoise users. I read your posts on the forum every day and I learnt a great deal reading you. Thanks again.


Hi there!

Lockdown is hard time but yes also when possible time to make things and learn too.

Then your short piece is quite enjoyable! And this remind oldschool relaxed chiptunes indeed.

Finally making it “simple” (not too much tracks or instruments) help to structure the song I think.

Keep it up! :slight_smile:

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Fun song, nice chords, totally enjoyed the way you did the arp.

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The track is amazing!! For such a short time you are into music this is unbelievable!!!You have talent and you are a quick learner. I am expecting great tracks from you soon


Fun stuff. The arp is lovely. As is the melody. It has all has a sweet quality. What comes next is extending your ideas. Turning this 55s into a full fledged tune. Not just extending it by repeating it but developing it further. Making it grow. Judging by these 55s that should not be a problem for you.

Good work!

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Thank you @Fabrice @Jek @stoiximan @eretsua for your kind messages. I thought I would burry this track but your encouragements give me the strength and will to persevere. I’ll post a full fledged track !!!


Some great chip vibes here!

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Hello there,

I extended it, adding some more sections up to 2:20

dexit.xrns (862.4 KB)


Here is a new song

it strangely hits 5 minutes ! It may be boring sometimes.


I wrote a new track

It’s a quite boring chord progression but the song evolved like this …

Edit : remixed version