I Like Tatoos. But Wtf!

zune logo. apparently this dude is a microsoft fanatic and sold his ipod so he could get a zune they day they came out.

The last one there is really smart. after he is finnished with this
phase of his life he’s gonna have a real problem getting work… :D

Howso annide? It’s done so that it can be covered… besides, who wants to work for employers that are so closed minded that they discriminate based on things like tattoos? This is 2008 after all ;)

… that cat tattoo is horrible btw… that’s like feline goatse right there

The last tattoo is from a TV series called “Prison Break”, the tattoo is a blueprint of a prison, so he can break out his innocent brother. :D

I think this one is much worse -

this thread will never be complete without the new mike tyson tattoo.

i ain’t the same person i was when i bit that guy’s ear off.



welcome to the real corporate world, it happens but i might have been blowing the cliché a bit up ;)

HERE’S THE ONE I’D LIKE TO GET (with minor adjustments):

And yes i know that Michael Scofield is a character from Prison Break ;)

I have thought about getting this (slightly “cooler”, small, rather hidden) somewhere on my body for some years :

First I couldn’t decide where exactly and now I somehow doubt that I will do this ever.
Tattoos seem kinda pointless to me and more importantly they are really there to stay. (And start to look saggy after a few years). Dunno if that guy with the zune-tattoo will be happy about it in 10-15 years when no one even remembers what “zune” is or was. The same as the guy who got the reason-tattoo (was all over the web some time ago).

Or the guy with the legs in the armpits, just imagine him in 10-15 years with his daughter on the beach …

And a fresh tattoo looks cool, agreed, but after a few years … I know some people with tattoos that are 10 years old and there is not much left of their former glory.

What about such a tattoo? :)

now, if you could get renoise running on it that would be cool.

at least you can look pr0n from it. :yeah:

The corporate world is certainly not very forgiving. I chose to get my arms fully sleeved years ago.

One arm sleeved about 10 years ago and then other was a work in progress that is, for the most part, completed.

I was in sales when I started my dreadful addiction so I had to wear slacks, long sleeve shirts, and a tie anyways so my clients never knew I was this tatted up guy. They just assumed I was your normal joe (which I am mind you…)

It was always funny going to company picnics. I would naturally where short sleeve shirts and shorts and people would be like wow I had no idea you had those. I could not have ever imagined.

People have these really odd notions of how someone who has tattoos should act.

I like the tattoo Mike Tyson has on his face which looks much like a traditional maori tattoo from New Zealand. They have wonderful facial tattoos and if I was able to my face would be completed in the same manner.

[quote=“annide, post:9, topic:21478”]
welcome to the real corporate world, [url=http://www.vault.com/surveys/tattoo/tattoo.jsp?tattoo=4]it