I´ll Going Blind...

if there´s no way to change the font size in the pattern editor. I´m using a 17 inch. monitor. Is there anyway to make the fonts bigger? Please!!

In the current release there is no way to change the font size, but you can choose between seveal fonts in the configs/gui options or paint your own. Maybe this helps …
Running in Fullscreenmode with a smaller resolution might also help you. See configs/gui -> fullscree resolution …

i think 1024 is big enough. renoise’s interface is one of the best i’ve seen - you’ve got all the options at your fingertips. you can monitor what you want as well, almost everything is there and updated realtime. thumbs up there.

it’d be interesting to have a large-pattern display mode. something like in ft2? the whole screen is the pattern editor and the scopes, track menus disabled.

i didn’t fancy that mode in ft2 though, … anybody?

you mean this?


this has been alredy implemented for next version (1.3)

take a look to the whole story here

yeah yeah! precisely. man, you guys are psychic.

yes, that’s nice, and a welcome improvement for sure - but it doesn’t solve the problem for those of us with poor vision or small monitors.

I have a 17" LCD running 1280x1024 … with LCDs it’s worse, because I can’t change to a lower resolution - or I could, but everything would look blurry and f****ed up ;)

So please, please, please - optional larger fonts!

I’ve actually gone back to MadTracker because of this - hey, it has VST support now, so I can live with that for a while, but I would of course really like to use Renoise …

I have no space for a tube monitor, so my only alternative is to buy a 19" LCD, and those are still $$$ - plus I’m not even sure that would solve the problem? since 19" LCDs just run in even higher resolutions, the result would just be a larger window with an equally small font :(

I hope you take this problem seriously - LCDs are getting more and more ordinary, so I don’t think we’re only a few weirdoes who have this problem ;)

Ive got two LCDs running in tandem. I run Renoise on a 17" 1280x1024 and whatever else
I need to go along with Renoise on a 15" 1024x768. Works perfectly!!
Almost the Best buy Ive ever made. No complaints at all…
but if you’re used to running Renoise in a lower res, I reckon, it takes some time
getting used to a higher one…


Seriously … for some of us buying a new monitor is not an option … ok im sorry im poor … is there any way to run the tracker in 800x600? I’ve read 2 different threads on this subject … and all people say in reply is … get a new monitor or get used to it… ? laugh … I know the tracker wont look so pretty in 800by 600 but man… alot of us dosBOX trackers are just making our way into windows trackin’ ., checking out the 2nd gen of windows trackers… like a groundhog poppin out in the winter … and most of us have frankenstein computers … old parts left out at the trash … pieces from long fried boxes … all pieced together … and i guess … yea i could move the monitor closer … but to do that i’d have to take my synth off my desk and loose the funct. of being able to rec. live synths atop tracks comfortably…

sigh … wheres the lowrez :expressionless:


anyhow im not dogging what you got going here … rN is looking really good … and the ability to import impulse tracker files made me a happy happy man … great sample handling … vst action … im having a good time … i’ve tried pretty much every other wintracker out there looking for a reason to stop using impulse tracker … renoise sorta feels more like home than anything else i’ve tried to migrate too … except all the squinting that i have to do now … laugh watch this is a feature in 1.5 and all my gas bagging is for not.

at any rate … keep this tracker alive … its going the right direction :]