I Love You And I Love Your Needles (modification)

Save the retype this is from my blog:

I love you and I love your needles

In early 2002 while on holiday in Victoria’s pleasant Bright (near the Aussie Alps) I took part in my now days neglected activity of penning untitled poems of a an anti-political nature, without much attention to form or style. On one page I quickly scrawled the words ‘I love you and I love your needles’ and stood back thinking, yep that stands on it’s ugly own. But not long after that on the next page I wrote down this:

The laughing ugly void
Transpiration like a droid
I’ll destroy myself for this
And get drunk off the political kiss
The system you know is drunk
But ignorance no one would have thunk
The people will be lost in the hiss
Any sense of clarity they will miss
Apparent patterns drugged into beats
Leaving the conscious the perform their feats
All so consumed by our deficiencies
We marvel at our lack of proficiencies
And grind until we are nothing
Idiotic silence is all that we will sing
For I can’t function as an organ
In a society atrophied in boredom.

Later that year I was again getting into the dream-composition and using Renoise for the first time to sculpt the ideas. The piece that ended up being for this song inspired me to select those words as lyrics because of the connection to the chaotic guitar arc at the end of the song as well as the lo-fi crumble of the drum audio.

Spurred on by the chaos theme I had some more ideas. Long before ever hearing Mykie speak of ‘arc music’ I was hit with the idea of placing sonic elements together that were not designed to go with each other. So, without reference to the backing track, I recorded my brother DJJC playing chaotically a modified flute instrument he calls The Flutt. I also recorded a session of us two with Riki Horwood playing a game called Scribble (an easy guess as to what we’ve modified there), which contains a young Rik complaining he cannot create words outside the English Language (he did successfully do 4-unit Enlgish after all). The ‘2 Smargaid Maerd’ version of the song has thoes elements burried, but just audible, in the mix.

A little later, after the mp3 of the song had been online, James DXU sent me a copy of his amazing Analogue Sessions Vol.1, full of live electro tweaking and arty sci-fi audio-scapes. On this record he had done a remixed version of ‘Needles’ that had improvised beat electronica during the end section. Yet again I was impressed and James improving my work, and thought to myself ‘one day I should redo that with his drums in it’.

That time has come, and it has allowed me to mix the song a little more boldly. James’ beatwork is the feature element, but you can hear louder versions of DJJC’s Flutt (on the left) and Riki during the Scribble match (on the right). The mastering is also a little more cleaner and meaner.

Why do this now? As mentioned before I need something to submit to Triple J’s Unearthed competition - so this is it. Unfortunately, they will only accept 128kbps mp3s, which by doing this I’ve been reminded how awful that sounds. So, I’ve decided to release a 192kpbs version for the public to enjoy. You can get the needles here:

I love you and I love your needles (modification)

Spin it live, or use it for theme music to get weird.

Hey Foo, i like that track very much, at the beginning i thought some harder stuff would follow, but then it changed into a nice dark melody. You’ve also done a good job, to keep the song interesting with glitchy fx, beat changes and small melody variations. For my personal taste the vocals sound much better beginning around 2:30. Before that, they sounded like someone wanted to express anger and feelings, but couldn’t shout into the mic like he wanted, because of the neighbours. Kind of “pressed”. :D

…Or didn’t want to annoy his parents when he was living with them 4 years ago!

Yes, the take is that old, and I can sing a lot better these days. Still, I leave it in there because of it’s derranged druggy element. However, when I do the song live these days I sing that first part with my ‘full voice’ instead of falsetto, and it sounds much better.

Glad you like the tune…

good luck with unearthed!

…I’ve never been game to enter :)

Honest oppinion:

I really dig this, its got alot of atmosphere, and alot of different types of sub-atmospheres without changing the overall effect if that makes sense…which really works well.

I can sort of see where beatslaughter is coming from with the screaming comment…I tell ya what…if you can work in a massive climax with some ACTUAL screaming, this could well be a serious contender. Its a big competition, and thats not something easily achieved…

My brain was screaming for some screaming right at 4:35 instead of just leading out… maybe just drop the pitch of the bass an octave and fatten it up slightly at the same time, crunch up the ambience a tad…

excuse me. I just had a bit of a moment :)

Yeah I see what you mean… I’ve got other songs that achieve that feel. This one was only intended as a dream sequence, and slightly accidental that I got this tense and busy. Seeing that it’s a 2002 track, I’m fairly much over the idea of any remixes or additions.

Thanks for the review ;)

fair enough

wasn’t sure whether you were running this past our ears for the final “check” before entering or just showing off ;)

either way its a good track, hope it goes well!

I don’t know what it is, but this reminds me of something that if the late 70’s early 80’s pink floyd suddenly had new equipment available that they’d make. I really can’t completely attach it to any group I’ve actually heard. Maybe little bits and pieces of Boards of Canada. I really like this track. Very much a dreamscape.

Thanks Kizzume, it sure is a strange one.

I was thinking when I made it: I want to melt James DXU (the beats) with Devin Townsend (the guitar and chords)… but other than that it’s just mucking around with a scale I’ve loved for years:

E F# G# A# B C# D E