I Love You And I Love Your Needles (modification)

Just found a remastered version of an old 03 tune I Love You And I Love Your Needles (Modification). It features the end-part analogue beat work of James DXU.

You can read more about it here. Enjoy this nasty one!

The mastering sounds really great and i still think that the lofi beats with that great melody and the quite depressed vocals work very well. Also love the subtle guitar drones in the background.

Thanks for the feedback :) Actually, the mastering wasn’t all that special compared to what I can do now, but, I did take a lot of time to hunt out the nasty-freqs in the original mix. So there you go again: a good mix makes for easy mastering.

Depressed vocals? Depressing to listen to them maybe :( Hehe, like I’ve said elsewhere, I can sing thousands of times better that this. But ah well, the wobbly mess actually adds to the drugged-out vibe, so it still works.

As I said on Virb, amazing track. The superb melody is what really makes it.

Thanks Achenar ;) …artists don’t always admit it, but every little encouragement helps push you onward.

KEEP IT UP FOO?! :D … love your stuffs ;)