i love you renoise guys

I droped some of my renoise songs here :drummer: :yeah:

Holy… whack!! :D

Only heard Prenoised yet, but I am downloading the rest, cos this was ace!!

Indeed, this music was totally awesome!!!

Listening to Stick it In There… holy crap, What’d you do to make this?? Haha! VERY freakin’ sweet :lol:

Uhm, one question, about the “3 monkey and a chicken”, really sweet, gotta love that funky rythm, and the jazz/pop(?) organ that almost seem to play at random :P Anyway, about the question, on the drums, what did you do to make it sound so alive?? Any certain DSP effects?? I could almost swear it was real!



I know him (hi basil, alte socke :) )

He uses track automation pretty much, laying small range sine-waves on filter-cutoffs, VSTi properties, pitch-bender etc. that continously change the sound just that much, that you come to think, the sound is “alive” :)


this time no track automation. only one slight Shaper DSP (rubyTube).
Drumsamples are grabbed from my Korg N364 into NI Kontakt Sampler.
you got it cylab (I love you :rolleyes: ). Just add a flat “long retriggerd random LFO” to note pitch so every note becomes little detuned and another random LFO to filter cutoff and your Sampler is alive. Multisampling, Stereo-adjustment, velocity recording, ready.
I also had to smoke lot of w**d to track this drums B)

I´m pleased that you like my music

BIG thanx guys :) :)

Hey, Basil, Thank you for great tips!!!

I’ve got Kontakt by Native Instruments, although, using it in Renoise, when I add a new instrument/sample into it, I can’t get rid of it again. The demo at the Native Instruments homepage says that it should be done by simply pressing the Delete button on your keyboard. The delete button, however, only seem to trigger off in the renoise pattern editor. This is frustrating :(

I know it’s not your job to answer questions regarding Renoise or Native Instruments’ tools :) but still, having heard your songs in which you used kontakt, I’d say you have a pretty good idea how it all works.

Or is it maybe that you use Kontakt in a different program or in windows instead of as a vst for renoise?

Thanks in advance :yeah:


I love you too, Basil :D


yeah, I have the same problem. editing kontakt patches from vst plug doesn´t work good. probably a renoise bug.
I create patches with kontakt standalone instead and renoise + vst plug only for playback.
Sometimes if you change a patch from renoise and reload the song, kontakt loads the patchfile and your changes are gone.
annoying but kontakt rules :yeah:

grab my 3 monkeys drumkit here and RubyTube here


Hey Basil!!!

Yeah, I will just do that then too…

Create patches and use them in renoise, untill Taktik and the others decide to do a lil fix on it :) hint hint :lol:

Just kidding :rolleyes:

Yeah this Kontakt program looks MIGHTY powerful, and easy to use too!

By the way, looking forward to your songs in the future, keep it up!


edit: PS: thanks for the drumkit and the DSP… where are my manners :lol:


Just wanted to say that these tunes are fantastic!
I’m downloading em all



I´ve got some old tunes from 1997.
bad amiga 8 bit quality but lot of fun :)
done with octamed v1.0 (IJJJHA) :yeah: :guitar:


lyrix by sinewave
good boy