I’m Tracked :p

This morning, I was thinking to a song… For the fist I was writing time in Y scale (tracker way), and not in X scale (“traditional daw” way) !


(NB : not schizophrenic persons should not understand)

Next steep: Write music keys with keyboard alphabetical keys

Renoise is coming in me :P

this remembers my school days when I was writing patterns on my school exercise books. usually, what resulted when putting the patterns into the tracker (Starttrekker or FastTracker) was compeltely different from what I expected and sounded awful :)

Hahaha, yeah I have books FULL of written patterns! Especially drumsections, as I can’t tell a C from a G, and this did work mighty fine, back in the days of uni…

ermmmmm :blink:

haha, yeah thats what i though too, i wonder what colour it is… oh no did i say that out loud :o

Renoise Logo Red? :P


Look how it could be when it is done by a professional: