I made a 303 clone - inspired by the recent Zensphere video

303 Clone-ish.xrni (9.7 KB)

8 Macro’s controlling kinda the usual 303 stuff.

Responds well to the “Fold” distortion as well IMO.

Keen to see how people can improve it.

Can change to square by changing the square sample volume to 0dB and the saw to -inf.


Shit quality video taken off my phone of it playing. Velocities over 60 should trigger Accents and slides work in editor with Uxx and Dxx commands.



here’s one that I cooked up. you can blend between saw and square wave and the filter is in the fx chain

not supposed to be a real clone or anything, but probably useful for some good squelchy basslines/leadlines

404.xrni (6.6 KB)