I Made A Remix Of Kiew- Dcdisk

I used renoise in common and some plug-ins of my soundcard to create a new Version of Kiews Dreamcastdisk.

If you´re into industrial /ebm music have a look a their site. Pretty smart sound.

http://www.kiew.org or directly


some “music” i will never understand … so much industrial/ebm is distorted beat trash stuff without any ideas … but there are also interessting projects like yelworc or haujobb and so on … don’t like your remix escii - sorry to say that … or … i’m missing the right drugs for this music!? B)

Yea. I don’t understand it either. Anything over 180bpm I can’t stand. To me it just sounds like a bunch of sounds mashed together. So basically anything *Core and IDM I can’t stand.

hola escii.

i must say that i like the track !
it s a good donwtempo gabba ( with a typical Hamburg darkeness!).
i m sure this kinda track can enter some dutch compilation, too.
is this ur style nowadays? have you got something similiar ( faster/ noizer would be even better!) i might print a track on my label analphabetik…
maybe 6 minutes are too much for darkcore. :slight_smile:


ps my mail is rotello at manolo .biz
pps di you get hands on Xtreme.core ( the compilation i sequenced)?
whatta you think?? speedcore swan sing??

thx 2 all . To Mr Korn and Beatrepublic: I mentioned in the topic whats about it , so dont wonder if you get what has been told ;)

But perhaps there may come a time where I produce a less industrial and rough going sound…but I guess it will always be music incompatible to radioprograms.

@ rotello Well, actually I am into various kinds of music so this is one style I like.

Nope I didn´t get my hands on this cd - unfortunately - but I will have a look at kuschels store.

For other tunes feel free to download them here

I don’t like the track, but I find it very good!
I did and listened very much hardcore in my young days.

The thing I most like is that you didn’t used a very overdriven synth for lead. Just al kind of wel shapen sounds that come in fade out, stutter and so on. I find this a nice touch to hardcore.

very good song for it’s kind, but sorry it’s not my type of music.

but therefore, it is a very well driven critic. Thanks.