I made a Renoise thing

Not touched Renoise for a while, got back into it and made a thing:

Enjoy… maybe :smiley:


Well it was a good thing :smiley: that you made this thing :smiley: and i enjoyed it as i enjoy one of my favorite movies The Thing :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:.Very nice mate indeed

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hurt with headphones

EDIT:my headphones level was to high


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Thankyou friends :smiley:

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Enjoyed very much!!! Thank you sir!
Love the breakbeat work with very well programmed drum patterns.
The final volume is kind of brick wall (loud?), fits the genre and artwork image.
Have you decreased the bitrate of the synth or the final song? Sounds very nice, oldschool.

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Hey thanks, so happy you liked it :smiley:

I’ve probably been a bit heavy handed with the mastering… I put some harmonic distortion on the master but I think I dialled it a bit too high :grimacing: as you say it kinda works!

lol @ that soundcloud image :smile: . Funky beats :drummer: ! I dug.