I made something that sounds like what you'd hear on Soma FM's Groove Salad

I finally finished something in Renoise and now I will not turn my back on it again!

Renoise #1


That was a pleasure for my ears but you must develop it further.There is room for improvement here

Thanks for listening, stoiximan. I’d like to hear your suggestions! Maybe you’d even like to remix it. Let me know :slight_smile:

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A simple chords change with another melody on top would do the trick or maybe change the key.but as someone told me in the past,listen to your track i mean really listen to it dont look at the screen and it will tell you where it wants to go

Cheers, I appreciate that you like the track. That said, I disagree with the advice.

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What i meant was not to change what is already there but to add another section to it ,spice it up a bit.

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Nice track! Good choice of instruments, good composition, good production. I like it the way it is and I like the “singing” (starting at 1:28), too. The beat is powerful without being too much “in your face”, the power is getting delivered in a subtle way. And that’s a good thing!

You don’t “have to” develop it further, but it would be nice to have a track which is at least 3 minutes long, in this case probably even 5 minutes. I would continue with a choir, a pad or a string, which suits and “supports” the elongated bass, and I would start at 1:40 with this part, next to the “singing”. Right after this part I would create a section without the synth from the beginning of the track, but still in use of the choir, pad, string or whatever. A more “airy” part I guess. Afterwards I would turn it back into the part of the beginning, with some slight changes.

But whatever you decide, it’s a good one. :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s definitely “remixable”, even in Synthwave.


Cheers! That’s great feedback. It is to be continued. If I ever were to release it (however that’d work with a break sample like that) it’d be longer. I work full time with music and so I’m not new to it at all but I’ve, until now, not used Renoise as much as I’d liked to and certainly never made something this musical in it…so, strike while the iron’s hot, or what’s the English expression? That’s why I wanted to put it on Youtube before it was there all the way.

I dabble a bit in Synthwave myself but haven’t done anything in Renoise. Are there any clear, genre specific, advantages in your opinion?

Let’s stay in touch about that remix then, I’d be glad to work together in one way or another.


You’re working with music full time? Congrats! :+1:
If you want me to remix your track I’m up for it. But it could take a while because I’m self-employed full time 24/7. PM me if you want to make it happen or if you want to know/start anything else.

I think the english expression for “Man muss das Eisen schmieden, solange es heiß ist”, is “Strike the iron while it’s hot”, but I would have to “google” it to be 100% sure. So no guarantee. :wink:

I’m not sure if I get your question right. Genre specific advantages in terms of Synthwave by using Renoise compared to other DAWs and/or hardware? There are advantages, but in my opinion not specifically for Synthwave, but for electronic music in general. Renoise is the perfect DAW for it, because it has a clear structure, is intuitive and logical as well, which makes it easy to use and because of its tracker editing system you can create beats fast. I don’t know a faster way to put musical ideas into practice, and I like to work fast. But what I can see from your video shows me that you already know Renoise. The way you’ve structured your tracks and your use of effect commands isn’t the characteristic of a Renoise noob. The way I work looks more “noobish”, no doubt. Standard skin, no groups, in most cases no effect commands.

Btw, I also like your song called “Dome of Lies”. That’s what I call a “space tune”. Pretty good!

Great, I will!

That sounds like archaic Dutch to me :wink: I think what you’re trying to say is “Men moet het ijzer smeden als het heet is.”

Cheers, the rest we’ll continue in PM!

That’s slang of a german breakaway province at the edge of the country, isn’t it? :wink: