I Mentioned Using Renoise On A Radio Interview

It’s me again. I was interviewed on Map Wasp Radio Station show called The Lowdown. I would mention that I use Renoise.



Question: Should people know you? Are you kinda “famous”?
I’ve seen comments on your stuff like “the legend”, so obviously some people know you. I’m pretty familiar with Amiga and the scene, but I’ve never heard of you. And almost nothing about you can be found if you’re using Google search, so it looks like you’ve made your music in private just like me or whoever. When have you started to make music on Amiga? Are there any scene groups you were part of? I’ve also seen that you’ve got an entry in AMP, but this means nothing. Anybody who creates Amiga music can have an entry on this site. Nevertheless there are 690 of your tracks in MED format (I assume that’s Octamed, a program that I’ve never used) available, so you’ve made a lot of music already. Very nice and keep it up. :+1:


Mark (might have) inspired Tim & Eric;


Mark Salud interview episode is now archived @ the lowdown on Mad Wasp Radio - Episode 213 : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Interview segment starts around the 33:40 mark, and the part of the conversation where renoise is mentioned is around the 43:55 mark of the episode

Hey, guys. Thanks for replying, especially TNT.

To answer your question on when I started making music on the Amiga, it was around the mid 1980’s, maybe 1985. I tried Music Studio, Deluxe Music Construction Set, Sonix, and finally MED. I was not in any Amiga music group scene, but I was sharing my mods through our IHD Amiga User Group, along with my good friend, Paul Courville. Yes, the very first mods I uploaded were made with MED, then OCTAMED (which was MED with the ability to use 8 channels of sound instead of just four).

Now after a very long hiatus (dealing with marriage, a baby and unfortunately a divorce), I am back creating music again, this time with Renoise.


Welcome in Mark, and thanks for the shoutout.

Hey, Jek. It’s a pleasure.

Congratulations! :tada: being in no marriage is way better than being in a bad one.

Happily divorced going on 8 years. Best time of my life :slight_smile:
So much more time for music and life in general.

But don’t take my word for it:

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Well, welcome then! I’m looking forward hearing some more Amiga style stuff. But even if you decide to create something else, don’t hesitate to post it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, that’s what I’ve found, too.