I Need Detailed Information Of The Build Eq's

every parametric eq have the important Q factor setting for each filter … how works the Renoise eq … is there an internal “Q factor” or works it totally simple with increasing/decreasing the full frequence-ranges only (low frequences of one range (1 band) equal to the middle frequence or high frequences)

Mmmmmmh… I don’t think there is a “Q factor” (I guess the english word is notch, from which comes the word notch filter, but I’m not sure about it).
In an equalizer Q is the band’s amplitude (frequency ranges). To change Q’s values you should be able to change the frequency of the bands, and this is not possible in Renoise’s built-in EQ.
Waves linear phase notch filter is an example of EQ which allows you to work on the “Q factor”…

Don’t know if I explained myself in a right way…

i know i know … but i want to know how the build in EQ’s works in Renoise. I know there is no Q factor but … i want to know what’s happend with the eq-changed singnal - imagine an freq-range like a rectangle with a variable height … my question is: are the upper corners (the highest and the lowest frequencies of one range / filter) rounded or not!?

it seems so. I made a white noise, applied an EQ5 to it and watched it in the FFT of cooledit. the resulting frequency range is all curvy and not edged. (I did use a fft-size of 65thousand and blackmann-harris)

looza … thanx for your work and answer - good to know for me :) … maybe the dev’s have anything to say too!!! taktik?

The first filter in the EQ5 and 10 is a LowShelf , the last a HighShelf and the mid ones are BandShelf filters with a Q of 4.0f.

If you need the exact frequency spectrum, you need to do it by yourself as Looza did. I did them once but no longer have the exact results and all the values where found by listening tests at the end.

@Taktik - thats what i wanted to know - BIG THANX TO YOU! … maybe detailed informations about the build in Fx should be added in the Renoise-Manual!? B)