I Need Help (Beginner Wants To Collab)...

It’s been months I did not work on any song… I think that I need motivation lol

Any beginner wants to collab? ahah
I love to experiement new things!

[center]What do you produce? I’m always up for a colab. but might I recomend the IRC channel aswell… =D. Now available RIGHT IN RENOISE with 2.6 beta!!!


I have so many unfinished loops gathering dust, so if either of you two want one to play around with let me know, then we can ship it back and forth, or you can finish it all, or I can finish after you or whatever… just let me know your style of music and I’ll try find a piece :D

Tell me the style. If I like it, we can collab, ship back and forth. Just don’t let me do the mixing, but the mastering is fine :P

Me too! I’d like to try any style btw. PM or smthn.

I have found two potential loops, let me know if any of you wanna take a stab.

Working title: Indusun
VSTi’s used: Kore player and Z3ta+

Working title: Slowhouse1b
VSTi’s used: Zebra2 and Z3ta+

ps. I’m a bit busy and will be slow working with! So either finish it or wait :D

How do you guys intend to proceed in the collaborations?

Would be up for a collaboration with somebody. Really I need somebody to give me a kick up the A$%& to actually do something!!

Let’s not collab: Let’s start a band! I was wondering about this and my wondering is what got me here… (i quit playing in bands and so i am a tracker only, but, ya know…a tracker band…maybe a bad or great idea?)

Best off talking to people who live in the same town as you then, rather than people on an internet forum who live all around the world.