I Need Help

well i am out of my depth with renoise i have not got a clue what i am doing it just feels like a mind field i am in to drum and bass and would like any help on how to work my renoise program from the start i am starting to feel like i have wasted my money can anyone help a newbie.


So tell us what you DO know at this moment and we can work from there…

Can you program in some simple sounds and make a loop?

This is basically the first thing you need to learn. If you can do this, we can help you move on to the next stage. If you cant do this, we can help you from the very beginning.


Don’t take this the wrong way but you did have the option to download a fully working “demo” version of Renoise for free - with saving enabled - to use for as long as you like. The “demo” version simply has .WAV export and ASIO disabled, but you could easily use Renoise for months without these features if you simply wanted to check out the program.

But, ignoring all of that, do you at least have any experience with other tracker software? Protracker? Octamed? Fast Tracker? MadTracker? etc. If you have never tracked before then yes, Renoise will feel very weird at first, in which case it would probably help to do a little reading first:

A brief history of tracking:

Renoise documentation:

A basic video tutorial for getting started in Renoise:

A guide to cutting up a breakbeat in a tracker (by a Renoise user):

And of course, if you have a specific problem, just ask here on the forums and I’m sure people will try to help you out. Most importantly… don’t give up!

DBlue already gave good tips.
This is the place to go if you feel you get stuck. We get you on tracks in no time.

hey wormjar

i have not got a clue wormjar iam a complete novice so any help from the beginning would be good ty for your assistance

hey dblue
u are right i panic because i thought i wold be able t jump straight in at the deep end and start making tracks but like with eveything u have to do a read up but its just not my style i like todive in there and get stuck in. any knowledge u have to pass over to this complete novice would be great and i would be very thankfull.

hey Vv
ty for your assistance anyhelp would be reatfull.

Alright, well I will explain the very basics for you. You can get all this information in the manual and by looking at the demo songs yourself though, so just use this as a starting block and learn the rest yourself. It is not hard.

Right, so a tracker is a music making tool that scrolls vertically

You build up a song using patterns. These are like the pages of a book.

You load samples in to renoise and place them on the pattern. The pattern scrolls and when it passes over a sample it plays it.

It is that easy.

That is the basics.

Now open the manual and start reading from page 1.


If you need any help about something specific, please dont be afraid to ask! Everyone was a beginner once, so its all good!

Also, if you have MSN messenger, I can help you when I have spare time.

My msn is mrgame_cat@hotmail.com

I cant spend hours helping you, but maybe I can help you with certain things.

hey wormjar

so what your trying to say is i find and download a drum or base samples i like load it in to renoise and make a track.

i did download some drum samples from looperman.com before i got renoise so could i send them to renoise and start from there wormjar.

your an absolute diamond wormjar for helping me and iam very gratefull.

i better start reading the manual.

In the Renoise-directory on your hard drive you’ll find a songs-directory with example files… check those out
and change things… mess around with stuff while checking things up in the manual… there’s no way you can destroy or blow anything up :D so just dive in there…
One good thing for you would be to get a grasp of the different sections of the Renoise-screen as well as the different tabs like … instrument editor, sample editor etc…


The guys here have forgotten about the most important and the hardest advice:

Be patient. VEEEERY patient.

Learning to make music will take LOTS of time. A few years probably. And then you’ll be very embarassed about your past productions. Remember - it’s all normal.

If I was you, I’d start by following dblue’s advice - reading through the docs and watching the video tutorials can give you a good clue on how does it all work. It’s probably the best thing to start with.

Well, yeah you need some sounds to start with. You cant make a track out of thin air. You have lots of options when it comes to samples; You can make them yourself, you can download them, you can steal them from other songs/dvds/cds etc.

The best way to get to grips with renoise is just to find a few samples, like a basic drumkit of something, load it into renoise and start tapping away on the key board.

What you could also do, is open one of the demosongs in renoise and use the samples in there. Maybe just try adding a few things to a demo song.

Like DDspeed said though… It takes time. Most of us here have been at it for YEARS. You will need to do the same before you start making decent stuff.

Don`t worry though, it is all very exciting and you will learn really cool stuff from the minute you start.

So yeah, load a demosong, read the manual, ask us questions and have fun!

Right click, save as:


Play around with the above. You won’t get anything worth keeping except experience and fun.


nori, first off. go search for mods!

look for:


oh yeah! also. have a look at the songs section of this site:
^ thats the drum n bass section. to the absolute left is the column with RNS. these you can dl, an have a look at. ;)


i tryed the demotunes and i have had a mess around with a few things i totaly regret saying that i might have wasted my money its kewl iam having a lot of fun its addictive.

like people have said it will take ages to start making some tunes but hopefully i will get there in the end.

so true what wormjar said everybody was a newbie t some stage cheers man.

choice were are the best places to get mod.xm ??

i would just like to say thanks for the advice to everyone of u this a kewl forum


well lets see, first off.
you def need some background!

so i will try an relay some of what i know. -i too am learning, just not learning tracking.-

the first use of the MOD module format was implemented with SoundTracker on the Amiga.

back then it was a Prefix, instead of a suffix (like you Always see today)
amiga >> mod.drumnbass
PC >> drumnbass.mod

so when you see these (mod.drumnbass) they should work for you, unless they have become corrupted.

now .XM

the XM module format started with FastTracker.

Renoise has roots in FastTracker II.

so notably .XM files usually run better, and are more compiant wih renoise. so when you find the .xm’s you shouldnt have much trouble with them at all… unless corrupted ;(

so now i’m hoping you get the jist that example.mod files are different than example.xm

this may become a hell of a lot to take in, i hope you are ready! :walkman:

^ that is a Public Ftp, there is mirrors all over the internet of Aminet (amiga + network = aminet ;D )
it may become a pain for you if you dont have an ftp client.

if you dont know about ftp clients yet, just download a few files with the extension .LHA from that index, and i will try to help you get situated with an ftp client like smartftp, unless there is a better ftp client someone else may recommend.

you will also need something like winrar to uncompress the LHA format. (similar idea as zip, file compression)

winrar >> http://www.rarlab.com/rar/wrar362.exe

winrar is shareware like renoise, so if you use it alot you might want to register it to get rid of the ungodly annoying popup! -yes i have never registered it! thats why i say ungodly Annoying! ;D

I am with the notion you might not know about some of these things. so,
if the above seems too simple or vice versa it seems too complicated, just let me know.

i hope this helps.

hey choice

it aint to complicated yet i was looking for some background music today and had to dowwnload rarlab to extract the file so its all good to this point.

iam looking for something atmospheric and moody

i am ready for your next installment lol.

ty for your help choice…