I Need Some Headphones

I think I have a headphone fetish… I already have Sennheiser hd-590’s for my computer, Sony MDR-V600’s for Dj’ing, and then also a pair of “cheap” 50 phones for travelling with my laptop, and also a 50 pair of ‘street style’ sony’s that i wanted to use for jogging and stuff. the problem is the street style sonys i got are really big and bulky and aren’t comfortable at all and they sound awful (i was very disappointed in them) …

i am going to need a good pair to use while jogging and also for my handheld gaming console.
so here’s what i NEED them to be (all of equal importance):

  1. High quality sound
  2. Comfortable
  3. Portable (won’t fall off my head while i am running)

Anybody have any recommendations? Seems like it is really hard to find any portable phones that sound any good… although i heard sennheiser made some street style phones, anybody know if they are any good? thanks for the help!

Not sure if this will help you find your ideal headphones, but, if you have a little fetish and want to look around…


This is a site which I built for my friend, which he maintains.


Pretty expencive some of them !

For example: Ultrasone - Edition 7 costs $3000 !

Or those Ultimate Ears, looks like cheap ear-inserters, but costs around $800 !

Or those Stax, with frequency response: 7-41000 (!), released in 1979 (!!!)… Can’t imagine their cost at all !

btw: i prefer Koss’es by myself. Nicer sounding 2 me than all other Essenhisers, AKG’s, etc etc

i read about ultimate ears a while back… they custom make them for your ears. you have to go to an “audiologist” who makes a mold out of your inner ear and sends it to the ultimate ears company, and they make the headphones custom out of the mold… so that is part of why it’s so expensive. but it probably sounds good too.

i always hated the ear-bud type phones that you have to stick inside your ears though. i think they’re really nasty. but i have lots of earwax so every time i’ve used them they get really gunky :blink:

oh shit dude, i was looking through the sennheisers… check out the HE90… supposedly has frequency response up to 85,000hz. impedance is only 10,000 ohms which means you need like… some kind of WEIRD f****ing amp to power them… but check out the price… $14,000 … yeah. that’s more than 3 times the value of my car… :o

How can it be useful if human ear can hear up to 16-18 kHz ? :blink:

I bought the Sennheiser PX100 to use with my MP3 player, especially for running. The audio is great, but since I don’t have anything similar to compare with I cannot really judge this. They stay on perfectly, won’t even move a millimeter when running. Very light and even foldable. Comfy too. Sometimes I even use them under the cap in the winter, but that looks really stupid and is not as comfy though :)

Agree about the small earphones… I can’t stand those things. It seems my ears are not made for those. They just keep falling out.

I’ve recently bought the AKG K271 Studio. Good ones I think, though not portable. I can’t compare then, because these are my first pro headphones ever. It took a lot of time to get used to them after so long time of listening to music on my consumer equipement.

you should have a look at the koss portapro.
best sounding portable headphones imho.

i’ve heared many headphones: AKG’s, Essenhiser, Philips, Sony, Panasonic, and more. And must admit - Koss is da best in any ways (sound, reliability, comfort, price)

Do any good headphones for mixing/mastering really exists?
At least to mix down low/mid and high frequency ranges more properly.
I have my (t)rusty Senheiser HD Ovation 560 and my wife bought me a new one (in the 400 series) that is a bit too strong in the base-frequencies.
No doubt that harmonics will always have to be mixed down on monitors.
But i have no monitor money for the moment.
I got my 5.1 surround set, but they give a biased result compared to the largely dissapointing output from my monitors (My car-studio :P)

because super elite audiophiles can supposedly tell the difference, because the frequencies above 20,000, even though we can’t literally hear them, add extra sonic texture and store extra information that would be missed in reproductions that didn’t have those frequencies.


i’m sorry, anybody who pays 14k for headphone is just [B]stupid[B]. or has waay too much money

thanks a bunch man! i saw those, they look pretty decent. i will seriously consider getting a pair

yeah, i read a review of these portapro a while back, i will seriously consider them too!

i’m not a headphones or speakers expert but i am learning more and more that i need to listen to my track on a bunch of different speaker systems before i do the final mixdown, and sort of get an average idea of what needs to be adjusted based on what i heard in different places… so from now on i’m gonna listen to it in the following places before mixdown: headphones, my monitors, my loudspeaker setup in mono mode, car stereo, boombox

though i think monitors are probably the best for the actual mixing process

well, if you thought that 85 KHz is too much, then check out these :lol:


The Sennheiser HD590’s cover all three requirements, but I’m sure they have been surpassed by another model.
That withstanding, they are very light and you won’t really get much of a vacumous feeling with them.
They leak quite alot of sound though, so they’re the best choice for recording or if you’re shy about other people hearing what you’re listening to.

What about Etymotic earplugs?

I mean:Would anyone pay 210 to 330 dollars for this?:

It’s cute for those sound-engineers that usually have earplugs to wander around unplugged :P

i love them, but there is no way in hell i am taking them on a jog with me to the lake. they don’t leave my computer’s side. they’re way too big for running anyway! i need something about the size of those PX100’s, which i may well get