I need this Amen:

Tune above is from Double O, this signature is used on a lot of Sci Wax releases, but I haven’t found the source of it.

Thought maybe it came from Paradox, as he used something similar but not quite in 97, maybe someone knows the source of it?

Here’s another workout example:

This amen has a very signature destructive compression push in the kick that follows it all the way through. Dub-One had written he personally adds overdrive to it in post/chains, that is the slight difference you’ll hear between the two running examples.

Sounds like it could have come from Ja know ya big - Dillinja, lot’s of people might not know they have this signature break labeled ‘fallen amen’ due to a mislabeling by a few people, but there’s something else in it that I haven’t heard used outside Sci Wax.

Until here recently in this:
https://soundcloud.com/rupture/rupture-ldn-003-double-o <- it’s release on Rupture.
(same tune as first, just didn’t know it had release yet until 5 min ago)

EDIT: I need to instill this is all Simulacra here. We are talking levels away from Cole’s original break.

sounds a lot cleaner and up front than the Ja Know Ya Big amen, which I reckon was probably a lemon d creation, he engineered for dillinja afaik…

my best approach to that kinda sound is originally sampled from the Ultimate Breaks & Beats series, with some EQ and tube sat vst treatment.

i reckon a slightly different eq curve on that source would get you pretty close…

i don’t quite understand your request…

you’re lookin for an amen beat which sounds just like in blacula?
to me it’s like they’ve using the subbass with the kickdrum.

it’s a simple clean amen with some compp. easy to do…

Ive been watching this thread for a few days now,i can hear that its heavily processed i think ur man who said its a clean amen would want to get himself a new set of ears :blink:/> and btw its a beastly sounding amen,thanks for sharing it!Now theres a problem with your request in so far as,it seems to me like its so heavily processed that searching the source sample might be redundant.Im not sure if you have any hardware or not,do you?

For what it’s worth…maybe take the original amen, chop it up, lay out your rhythm, EQ and/or compress the kick and add sine wave drops where desired? That sounds like what they did there.

dude that amen is the basic amen,. all amenloops based on “the winstons - amen is my brother” track.

just the processing is different and teh cutting of coz. u need to maek your own-. Dont rip the tipped rip-ripped amenloop… :D

i put you some loops of my personal lib…

include the original Winstons loop, best untouched version

some choice breaks there.

but the Amen wav in your zip is the CD remaster, so is actually quite heavily touched up.
the one from the original release is in true stereo (as opposed to dual mono) for starters…

the pressing and stylus seem to make a fair bit ofdifference too.

imo the source is the key, you can balance a break with eq (and compression if you like, i usually prefer to leave it!)
but the tone mainly comes from the source.

and sampling ready processed breaks is all fair game and par for course imo, plenty of great artists have done it. omni trio n marvellous caine spring to mind and i wouldn’t be surprised if there is a common parent amen to those 2 tracks.

still not much closer to the OPs q though!

have you tried asking Dub One or Double O?

Completely agree with everything you said.My point in saying the source material maybe redundant is that its a heavily processed amen and finding the source material would be like finding a needle in a haystack.Your best bet is to ask him personally.If you cant find the source material you can make your own equally as good sounding amen albeit not the exact one your looking for.But maybe you already know how and are just specifically looking for this one (ive been there)

yeah that’s very true, i was mainly responding to 101010 & hotelsinus tbh.

OP seems to have lost interest (or faith!) anyway.

there’s just something about breakbeat genealogy that gets my inner trainspotter all excited haha.

here’s my favourite sources, one from Zero G and one from Ultimate Breaks.

i don’t think they’re processed, at least they need a fair bit of work to fit into a tune, but they’re quite detailed and don’t have any nasty frequencies to fight so take EQ better than any other versions I have.


just thought to check itunes and the digital master on there is not so heavily mastered so might be worth a look too

I know id lose faith anyways,i cannot believe they think its just the original amen with a bit of compression and eq.If thats the case id love for them to post the amens they got to sound like this.Thatd b good. :ph34r:/>


Sounds to me like a processed/pitched version of this one:


or this one:

“Ripping the ripped” was ekhem IS a normal practice, ask dom and roland or tech itch.

It’s indeed from Dillinja, not sure exactly which tune yet, but I got that confirmation. :D