I Need This Sample- Pleeease

Sample ID- need a hook up (california curse) pleeeease!

Ok, in project human (dieselboy) the track ‘california curse’ that was remixed by tech-… I want the fing sample that kicks the song off, it’s also been usd by trent reznor (I think pretty hate machine) and a million other tunes- it’s the sample that sounds like a monkey or some tribal dude hooting. I NEED that fing sample…

If any body can ID and hook me up I would be greatly appretiative!

If it’s bad to hot link this than just let me know and I’ll erase the post, but god damn I need this sample!:


It just sounds like a pitched dog-bark in a sequence.(could as well be someone rubbing a window with a cloft, this sounds similar)
This should be easily recreatable… just download different dog-bark samples and pick the one most close to the posted example.

hehe, i dont think its a dog bark LOL, its just a synth tweaking

that woo woo chanting sample has been used in a gazillion (hip)house) records in the 90’s, dunno where the original came from? maybe an old soundmodule? Best to ask on forums dedicated to 4 to the floor house, prolly someone will know.

Since this subject is about the origins of a sample, let me highjack this for a minute to ask about a vocal sample used in a lot of oldskool hip hop tracks…going something like ‘go brooklyn’. At least that’s what I make of it, as it’s always pretty lofi in the back of a beat I’m not sure…sounds like a group of brothers chanting it. I’d like a clean version of this sample without a beat, but where can i find this?

I think it’s from this movie and the scene is a bunch of kids playing a baseball game and kids are chanting for brooklyn to win- I’ll see if i can fing the origional or at least which movie it’s from.

forgot I globbed this thread :) cheers for the info Louis, any chance you remembered the movie title?

I’ve racked my brains and looked through all my movies and I can’t remember the name of it. :( I wanted to say “crooklyn”, but that sample is waaay older than that movie. sorry dude.

Perhaps if you listed some of those million other tunes, we could find the source track for you… in the meantime, check out http://www.secondhandsongs.com/cgi/search-advanced.php … plug in the artists that sampled(second part of the form), and it will tell you who they sampled from… unfortunately, the NIN song you refered to wasn’t there :(

It’s good- I got about 3 or 4 different source versions including the origional unprocessed version, although i got to admit, the one I use is source material from the cali curse song itself… the way it’s processed is so dope.

If any of you happen to want it, I can kick it back.

I’ll take it. Cheers.

ok- here it is…


I believe that is some kind of flute-percussion instrument because it always appears as a two note instrument wich would imply that there is a big and a small flute/drum/pipe or whatever it is. (I tried to google for it but I had to waddle though so much world music/crap sites that I gave up) I found it in the general midi drum map of my sound blaster card at F#7 and G-7. A song that comes to mind is the opening theme from Austin Powers where this instrument is heard clearly.

…then I listened to those cali samples again and realized Im probably way off track here. :confused: