I need unpermabanned from reddit

I got permabotspended last month and it has finally pissed me off. Some mushroomheaded dicks have been following me around flagging my heated comments. Like for instance, I got a week banned for textually yelling at someone for posting an actual snuff clip without the NSFL or horrible death warning in a sub with clips of people usually just doing dumbshit or having really humorus badluck, as I don’t ever click those with the NSFL or like. They finally got me from a misinterpretation of a comment I made about some mean woman giving an actual “nice” cop a thorough tongue lashing with vulgarities and all, which is/was technically verbal assault on her part in this stupid world. If you could unsuspend me the message I just sent has the phrases “police serve policy” and “I’m not the internet police”. I know one of you has this priv, and would do it for me, as intelligent as the persons [here] are that this is directed to. I don’t need a reply, so you dont need to create an altuser, but it would be best not to read many of my comments. Some could hurt… As Ivé been going through a tremendous amount of unspeakable events and I don’t want you to catch the attention of anything.

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Reddit sucks

Via internet,there is hidden people who want the bad.

If you are all right,you can be passive or active against them.