I Need Ur Help!


Im sure some of you have heard of By:larm, if not i wont go into much detail except its a festival here in norway featuring fresh new “talents” and giving them a chance to attend to show of their skills to a horde of press, record companies and other factors important in the musical thug buisness.

Sadly tho we didnt get picked at first(1004 bands, 30 made it through) but they got a voting system giving noobs like us a chance, so if you could just vote for us we’d be incredibly happy, i mean seriously happy, dont know how we could thank you tho, except perhaps making you a groupie and send you nude pictures of my dog.

Click here and you will arrive at the presearched Scum Music and it will look something like this:

(Stem means Vote in norwegian)

Now just press it and enter the verification code(antibotprot) and ur set, will probably not take u more than 20 secs unless u wanna listen to our litte preview located under the generic sound icon.

much love and much thanks wether u vote or not!



the preview tune was goot too… maybe it repeated itself too much but otherwise i liked it!

I wanted to hear the song first too but it never started to play. Well, voted for you anyway.

Done! Lykke til :)

thanks guys :P

or just use this direct link :P


Ok, now I’ve “stemmed” too :) Only listened to it once but it was good. And you are very close to make it, currently nr 13. As I understood it the top 10 will continue.

Thanks man, sadly tho its just the top 5 who will be pulled out and the judged by a jury, and only 2 out of those 5 will make it, so its a pretty sad longshot. However beeing on the list it its own reward and if we make it to the top 5 it’l just be an extra bonus, i have no real basis in reality that we’d be picked but there is always hope so please keep voting :P


You have my vote! :)

thanks yet again, not sure how to thank you but im gonna put up a renoise logo at our site’s main interface, that should atleast count for something(2-3 hits a year :D)

Hey not bad, slightly to repeatative but a cool song. Certainly one of the better songs on that page.

You get my vote.