I Need Visuals

Hi i find it very frustrating that i can keep track of the waves, loops… visually. For an example:
if i have chopt up a loop, i have to follow the pattern and count the metronome to see where i need to follow up on the loop, is there another and more easy way to do this or do i just have to get use to this??

ps. Renoise rules :)

usage of long samples/audiotracks is one of the weak points of renoise at this moment.

A few workarounds : Chop your samples exactly to beats using the internal Sample-Editor (by setting the timeline to “beats”) or an external Sample-Editor which offers a timeline based on beats rather than minutes/seconds (most big editors do that).
If you have f.e. vocals you can chop out 8-bar chunks and trigger them accordingly.

If you are used to the classic sequencer-way of arranging long samples you can give EnergyXT a try, it can be used an a VSTi inside renoise and offers this sequencer-approach.

was gonna suggest a spectral analyzer plugin like voxengo span but not exactly what you’re asking for
i’d def try to start thinking more in hex and chopped up parts though rather then visual waveforms though since tracking is diff then sequencing

it’s only a matter of time before you ‘know’ what hit to put where in a pattern, as you’ll ‘see’ the music trackerstyle… much like the guys watching the Matrix-code… after awhile you’ll be like: kick, hi, snare…

Indeed. :(