I/o - "antegrade"

hi! i present to you a song i consider to be one of my best to date, entitled “antegrade”. any comments are appreciated!

i/o - antegrade

GReat stuff ! dunno wich style this is. is a crazy blend of
drum&bass, chiptune, gamemusic and melodica :)

I love the chippy theme that starts at 14 seconds out.
The strings out in 01:18 and the melodicpart that
starts at 01:30 is awesome done.

The one think i dont like to much is the messy drums throughout wich
i think destroys the extreme nice flow that could have been.
The starting beat is king ! i dig the beat in the start :)

Keep up this is great stuff. Another one to my car cd music !

Bloody cool. 5 rules. Really enjoyed the melody and composition too. The only thing I’d change a touch would be the attack on the kick, just make it a bit snappier.

Thanks for sharing :)

the drums are my favourite part :drummer: :D

thanks for the kind comments so far everyone! i’ll take a look at that kick. thanks foo

i like it! the airy atmospheric part that starts at 1:19ish is excellent.