I/o - Corner Atmospheres, New Song

the current goal is to release at least 1 completed good song every month. it’s near the end of may and i didn’t have anything yet so i just spent 5 hours with only 1 potty break working on my newest.

5/30/05, i/o releases… “Corner Atmospheres”, a melodic atmospheric track, not sure what genre to call it. it took me almost exactly 5 hours to compose/produce… and mixing took another 45 minutes or so with some help from a friend about fixing some volume levels. also i composed it at 110 bpm and was planning to release it that way, but i tried playing it back at 135 and it sounds loads better, especially the drums in the chorus. it’s also almost a minute shorter so it’s only a little over 3 minutes

here’s the link:


feedback is appreciated

Indeed, this track is breathing a thick atmosphere !
Nice work on the sound itself ! Though at times the high tones
are as sharp as razors, it does make the cut (couldn’t resist) and pushes
the melodies to or through the roof as the track peaks intensively.

Nice one man

thanks for the comments… yeah i wanted the song to really climax in the last section, i used superwave for the thick trancey synth and the last 4 patterns of the climax have some notes in the 7th octave which are a little shrill, but i needed them for harmonic reasons. when my friend listened to the first take of the song, he said his ears were about to explode when he heard that part so i ended up cutting the 12,000 hz frequency band on that channel to take away from some of the shrillness