I paired a few of my more recent songs with some more driving, rhythm oriented tracks

So I’ve been doing this for a while now - mashing up my own material with DnB flavoured music. This is my 8th attempt, and I have become exceedingly good at it (whether it itself is good I can’t be certain).

Sorry if this isn’t the most appropriate place to post it - but some of you guys know some of my material, so you might have a slightly different reaction to those at the KvR forum (pretty much a unanimous “it’s noise”, which I totally understand - but it isn’t, at least if you know the tracks. And even if you don’t. I spent a lot of time finding pairings and arrangements as close to perfect as I could wrap my paws around).

There’s a YouTube video here : https://youtu.be/-4ziTIo_WsU
( If you want to like my Facebook video instead, it’d be welcome and probably help me out of the lull of nobody so far liking it : https://www.facebook.com/chemeleonband/videos/523954211740094/ )

Last but not least, a (slightly out of context but potentially higher bitrate) set on SoundCloud that I recorded straight out of VirtualDJ :

(If you listen, try not to skip - be harder to ‘find your place’ in the chaos lol :smile: - but I would like your honest opinion so even if it’s ugly, I’ll take it. Even harder to gauge how good your output is when it’s in this form. If there’s something I’m undoubtedly getting wrong I’ll of course be inclined to change it next time).

As always, warm wishes and many thank yous.

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Get rid of the noise,there is good music somewhere hidden in there.I understand this is what you like to do but glitchy stuff can sound good without that noize,or use noise where you must not in the entire song.