I Quit...

using opiate drugs after almost 1 1/2 years of a nearly wasted life. I feel better than ever. the only feeling is, “what do i fill this “figurative” hole with?” replace it with music i think.

That’s excellent news mate. It’s a brave step to take. For what it’s worth get in touch with medical professionals you trust and respect and use their support. Community support programs can be good to prevent relapse. Also over time you may find you re-assess a lot of your life values and significantly change the type of people who you socialise with. Patience.

There’s more than enough cognitive stimulation and emotional reward in deep engagement with the creative craft of music, if you are open to it. Magic lies in the subtle details.

props buddy!

hey Mushen, good job man. ‘filling the hole’ is hard, because it is in large part a hole of habituation. being human, habits are ingrained in your system so easily and can be so deeply, they are hard to get rid of. however, this has a good side as well: you can build new habits quite easily.

i’m not sure what your life looks like right now, but i know it helped me to start working out, doing some kind of sport. it tires you out, you feel fulfillment for having done something, and you’ll start feeling healthier within the week.
you might already do this though, i don’t know. just wanted to give you something at least for your efforts.

whoa, see how peoples lifes are different? I used to be addicted to cock(analy), and it was the coke which got me off it!!

I stopped doing those and that’s pretty much what I did, started making a lot of music. The problem is that they fix pretty much everything while high. I feel ya. Good luck fellow CA dude

Thanks for the words of support everyone :D

That’s the biggest problem. More than leeching my money and damaging me socially, seeing that I was satisfied without any tangible reason (after coming down) is scary; not who I want to be.

Cheers. physical activity has helped me a lot.

Have you tried Therapy?

Masturbation saved my life.