I Really Like Renoise.


I thought it would be a good idea to make a list of things I like(and some I love) about Renoise. Here goes.

1.As far as I can tell it’s the best value for money DAW available,and an exellent introduction to music technology.

2.It has everything you need to make professional standard music and is state of the art.

3.Brilliant sample editor(easily my favorite)combined with sample offset!!!

4.The effects section is very useful and done in a way so that even an exprienced sound engineer would be happy with the editing options available.

5.Great sequencer. The additions on 2.5 will only add to this I feel.

6.Trackers are the best,they look so great,all that programming flying down the screen! :walkman: :yeah:

I will add some more later…



Renoise is certainly accessible to beginners but I think the main reason it got 10 out of 10 in Computer Music Magazine is because it wipes the floor with much of the better known competition (that didn’t get 10/10 :P)

yeah baby :)

10/10 in CM Magazine!? I’m not suprised. I would give it…

Graphics 95.9%

Playability 97%

Sound 98.3%

Storyline N/A

Overall 97%

lol, you rated it like a video game.

+1 for 10/10

  • 2.6 will get new script for story

11/10 for 2.5

8.No BS
9.Easy to learn,difficult to master.

If any one wants to add to my list your more than welcome.

John :)

I’m a graphic designer, and ugly GUIs drive me insane!

In my opinion, Renoise’s is the nicest with Live coming in a close second, but Renoise’s tracker interface looks so damn hardcore – who couldn’t love this thing?

The fact that you can change the colours and there are so many themes to choose from is a pretty big deal for me. Being able to make it monochrome or old-school yellow-on-blue is just awesome!

there’s only 1 thing i like about renoise for me…


i c wut u did thar!