I Said No...

I said no…

Did you read it clearly?.. i’m one of the Dutch 61+% that said NO!.
“Did you say no to Europe?”
Nopes, i did not say no to Europe, i said no to it’s constitution.

“Owh, so you’re one of the emotional melodramatic loosers that didn’t read the guidelines of what the constitution is actually made of but rather follow the screamers of whom most hardly understand the idea themselves?”

Look there are a few things that truely bug me about a constitution:

First of all:commitment and duties. We already are pretty much stacked with the burden of commitments and duties by our own government. Things we didn’t asked for… things we said NO against, yet the no was being ignored. Some of them involved implementation of Treaties agreed in the European Parlement.
People work hard here and pay a smash load of taxes in corners you wouldn’t consider your tax-officers could come up with the idea of applying tax to it.
Also a lot of those taxes go to Europe, yet not much of it returns. Instead of “thank you, have a party with us” they returned us an underrated Euro value for our national currency, rules that broke various industries which were very pretty much core business of our nation.
Nagging upon our financial policies while lots of sectors were being shorted upon funds just for the commitmend of the stability pact (which resulted in a poor education system, poor healthcare system, poor elderly care and more of that kind of crap.) We have had to privatise our explended public transport system having management i would rather see collecting coins for their customer’s use of the public toilet then having them manage public transport.

Is it all the fault of Europe?, no not all, lots of them is being made by our own ignorant politicians that caused the trouble in the first case.
So that’s why i said no.

“But what about the advantages? And the current hassle around various hot topics like the Iraq war?”

First of all, i like the way it is right now, since we can punish our own government for delivering a crap job, with a European constitution, my own local parlement can better hide behind it and that’s what i do not desire at all.
If i vote for my government, i want to be able to keep them responsible for what they do and not having to yell to some far away place that is not even at a reasonable distance from my own home to confront some ignorant European government agent that has totally no sense of what is living in our nation with responsible matters you hardly can blame the person for executing them.

Hassle about sensitive topics? That’s not a disadvantage, that’s the power of Europe.
If some high politics in Brussel consider these hot debates a nuisance, i rather have their asses removed and do something else with their lives.
They still represent nations (or they suppose to do that) and they listen to politicians from each country. But those politicians here do not listen to the people they suppose to represent (who are the ordinary civilians).

The fact that there is hassle about some issues is because the situation was doubtfull as well.
Tell, me regarding the Iraq matter if those so called mass destruction weapons the whole deal was sealed around, have been ever found yet?
Also tell me what the Americans did in Iraq? Did they really rebuild Iraq?
We all have seen their holiday pictures how the US spent their holidays there making fun of the Iraqi people. (remember?)

No, amongst the many nations that had to clean up the shit US left behind, the Netherlands was amongst them.
We said no to Iraq war support, massively demonstrated, yet nobody listened.

Consider the new constitution where duties are commited… would you consider Turkey helping Nato to fight Turkey’s own neighbour Islamitic countries? I don’t think so.

If some high gentlemen in Brussel consider that we need laws to push things through, and do the dirty work for any dumbass guy that claims unproven, some state have mass destruction weapons i think it is time to just leave Europe as the continent as it is and each country just worries about their own thing.
Becoming something like the America or Russia of today is already live proof of something that doesn’t work and striving for that i just call stupidity.

What should they learn in Brussel from these referenda?
They should learn that really important matters have to be asked from the people they really represent.
I admit, Europe wasn’t important in the past, but now that it becomes clear what the results are, there are just a few things that were implemented too quick, too hasty and ofcourse not really flawlessly.


Enough for my 50 cents of arguments.

the wrong side of voting is that you must say “yes” or “no”, or “I vote for him”: you can’t say “no, because…” or “I don’t vote for you, assh*le”.