I Shudder To Do This, But...

I’ve been slightly using Renoise for around 7 months now, taking long breaks from it but still learning my way around it. I’m by no means an accomplished apprentice, and I’d barely even call myself a competent novice.

Anyways, I’ve made a few songs that I was mildly pleased with, but recently made a song that I was very proud of.

Naturally, just because I’m proud of it doesn’t mean it’s not shit.

Therefore, I’d like a bit of feedback.

My friends that I’ve showed it to seemed enthusiastic about it, but friends tend to lie.

Few disclaimers:

  1. This is not “tap your foot to” music, it’s more of a soundscape to me. Once again, please don’t think that I’m trying to give the impression I’m a skilled artist, etc. just know that this has long build-ups, etc.

  2. This is my first ‘release’, etc. ever with Renoise, so please…be gentle. :P I want honesty, and I more than realize that you have all heard MUCH better, but keep in mind that this is the first work I’ve been more than slightly obsessed with.

  3. What I really need help on is how to mix the sounds together properly. I used earbuds to mix it first, because my room-mate certainly does not want to hear the same song over-and-over-and-over. Lord knows I’m getting tired of the damn thing now. :P Anyways, I played it on my other sound system with a subwoof, and it sounded horrible. I fixed it up as best I could so it sounded nearly the same in the earbuds and on the sound system, but I’m sure that I’ve failed horribly simply because I have a novice ear.

  4. Yes, the song title is ridiculously cliche. That’s how I like 'em, sometimes. :P

Uh, that’s all I can think of now.

I shall now go to prepare to make another username so I can hide the shame and embarassment of showing you all this song. :(

“Six Six Mix” - Burn the Medic

Welcome Clovis.

You’ve certainly done OK here for a first release! This is nice game music methinks, sneaking around in the dark 90s industrial style.

The mix ain’t too bad at all considering, but like most people who start out in this filtering and EQing are the major tasks you have yet to master. Each sound needs it’s own relative reductions of highs and lows, and you’ll never get a good feel for this on your earbuds.

Have a read of these two articles:

Other than that I’ve two pieces of advice: 1. Keep tweaking. 2. Listen very seriously to ‘excellent sounding mixes’ on good speakers and learn from them.


Thanks for the links, I’m gonna read up on the subject and just start practicing. :)

Yeah, the earbuds thing wasn’t a good idea. :P Ah well, lesson learned.

this would be great game music. the drums at the end are very nice also.

Thanks for listening to it. =)

Yeah, I had a lot of fun with the drumming this time.

Now if only I could find a game designer that needed music. :P