I Subscribed To Computer Music Magazine Uk

I have been reading the occasional issue of Computer Music magazine here and there, for a few years now.

Well, I finally caved. Santa gave me a subscription for Xmas.

Pretty decent magazine IMHO.

So, In the vein of alcoholics anonymous: Hi, my name is Dac and i’m a Computer Music magazine subscriber?

I dunno, felt like posting. Am I the only one?

I’ve never officially had a subscription, but there was a period many years ago when I would buy Computer Music (and Future Music) every month without fail. Their DVD is often a good source of free samples which are (usually) pretty high quality, and they do seem to be consistently putting out some pretty good music production tutorials, although much of the other information in the mag is typically out of date by the time you read it, often by several months. Almost everything I might see in there, I have probably already seen it a couple of months earlier on some website or forum. These days, I still occasionally flip through CM while standing around in the shop, just to get a rough idea of how things are progressing, but overall I don’t really feel compelled to buy it any more, and it’s definitely quite tough for me to justify the cost.

I subscribe to CM too. I don’t find it as essential as I used to, after a few years much of the stuff seems to repeat, but if I stopped subscribing I’d probably end up buying it most months at the shop anyway. I still want them to have more linux and trackers coverage (I once had a letter published to that effect too)!

I agree wholeheartedly…I used to buy it every month religiously. The only reason I don´t any more is a. I feel as if I have gotten what I needed from it. b. can u imagine my poor hard drive if I keep installing the gbs of samples that u receive with it every month, a great value yes, however, i need to streamline my workflow!!

I learned about Renoise in one of their Free-Plug ins specials…I have also learned most of my production from CM, so for those who know my music, def ain´t too shabby so would recommend CM to anyone. There also was one Future Music mag that had a dancefloor production special which also stuck in my mind as well(CM sister publication). :walkman:

WTF! Compare the prices:




Yeah, I used to subscribe, did for 2 years, but also felt like I was reading the same things over and over again.
Like, it’s fun reading about stuff you already know, like reading movie reviews of your fav. movie, or game reviews of your fav. game, but only for a while.

Great magazine, though, and I always flipped through to the dedicated Renoise-tutorial page they have every month (!), it was definitaly the hightlight, and always read all of it (the whole page (!)).

And it was cool to read about various new VSTinstruments, and I always used to check them out, which got the highest score, then go on a piratebay hunt to download them, but now I feel my arsenal has gotten sufficient enough. I don’t need new software. Better to be happy with what you’ve got and learn that in and out instead of piling and piling.

Limitation is a creative tool also, you know?

Anyway, I’m done.

Oh and one more thing, a subscription is peanuts over here compared to what a magazine costs in the shops. about 15 pounds for a Computer Music Magazine!

OMG where???

I agree that their cover DVD is great.

However, they seem to suffer the same kind of bias that game review sites typically do: they seem to think every new piece of kit that exists is worthy of a 4.5 star review, except the really expensive ones which are 5/5.

I hate their tutorials with a passion. The magazine is aimed at amateurs, yet their tutorials tell you that you need five thousand bucks’ worth of plugins just to mess around.

Sometimes I feel it’s aimed at instrumentalists looking to integrate a computer into their workflow. A guitar player, for example, can easily have thousands of dollars worth of gear. (Guitar, amps, pedals…)

I’ve been to many parties where some guy in some band wants to use “a computer” when they make music. These people outnumber me greatly.

Got my first issue today. The February edition. Yay.

Oddly enough it’s aimed at instrumentalists (Acoustic Production Guide). Are the editors reading this thread? Heh.

In this months Totally Trackers section it talks about covering Renoise 2.6 features in the last issue. Can anyone confirm this?

Yep, it’s titled “Make a big,bad bassline in Renoise 2.6”! and refers to autoseek and the lua scripting. BTW the March issue is already out.

Actually it’s 16,5 pounds (150 norwegian kroner) for a magazine.

Very OMG indeed.

Then again, Norway has been nominated most expensive country in the world a number of times.

I mean, come on, 5 pounds for a pint of beer?

Beat THAT!

I spent $2500 in hospital costs to have a baby. How much does that cost in Norway? :)


If you would have done the delivery in your own bathtub, it would have been a bit more affordable.

Received my latest issue and it features Drum Processor in the totally trackers column. Honestly, I haven’t used that tool very much so I actually learned something. Haha.

I’m into this magazine. A relaxing read while watching my baby girl play, or just chilling and flipping pages in bed before going to sleep. Would subscribe again.

Update: My daughter enjoys eating the attached DVD.

he he he he :lol:

Any advantage to using this as opposed to glitch?

Yes. There’s no Linux or Mac version of Glitch.


So far I only brought two issues. One was a must have because one of my favorite dubstep producers gave an almost 2hour tutorial of how he made the song War Machine. I almost got a headache watching him use Massive and filter the hell out of the bassline. Good stuff.