I Think I Did It!

Yeah, that’s it, I think I know how to create dnb bassline!

Check this out: http://remixta.net/stuff/yaybass.mp3

After experimenting with this for several days, I finally got it!

Special thanks go out to kasmo, he sent me a track today that got me started. :)

xrns or we won`t believe you :P

but seriously, sounds very drum n bassy to me (though I`m no expert on the newer stuff)

I first want to create some real song with that sound and study it a bit further. Later I will upload XRNS and some tutorials too.

Was kidding about the xrns, :) but will surely have a look if you decide to post.

cheers, will keep an eye out.

awesome, that would be much appreciated!

hey suva!

good work, the bassline sounds cool.
a tutorial would be great, i was thinking about this, too.
but i`m not very good in explaining things in english :D

maybe you can also do one for parallel compression ?


Anyway, here is the track:


Hope it’s helpful to someone! Keep rocking!


Thanks Suva!

This sounds very nice indeed, Suva. Hope to hear the full track in the future!