I Think I'm In Loooooovee!


This chick is just… I mean, she’s SO smart, and knows the world and have perspective and shit!

Did I mention she was smart? :rolleyes:


Well, then everyone should belive in Jesus to win wars! :)
If Irakians belived in Jesus, then America and Irak could win wars against each other all the time.
None would be bored anymore.

edit: Sagosen, new haircut? :)

She’s got the logic pinned down that’s for sure… hehe :P It’s GOTTA be a fake forum, tho! Nobody’s THAT stupid!

Oh, and yeah… I’m going for evil style now- B)

Whoops… that was me :o Foo? iz a n00b!!!11111 wuz ^!?!?


Well, one thing for sure is that I certainly found it entertaining. I agree that some of the firey replies were just as amazing too… Though I’m not entirely convinced it’s a hoax - people like this do exist!

I should know because my day job is English Teaching in secondary schools. Countless kids think it’s ok to write essays using this ‘sms language’ (for lack of a better description). Also, 14 year olds can quite regularly display that agressive ideological naivity, especially when you tell them to do their work! :huh:

But if it is a hoax, then wow. :blink:

I felt utterly bored when reading the journals.
It does not really matter wether it’s a hoax or not, it’s a time-waster for sure.

Really? I laughed my ass off… Fake or not, I thought it was hilarious how ignorant this girl is portrayed, and the responses, ohmygod…

I guess humor is quite different from person to person. SO many outraged by this, I can’t believe it… I mean, WHY are people so damnd angry at plain ignorance? She’s not hurting anybody, she just spells wrong and thinks that coming from a different country or having a different color than white makes people inferior.

And that’s just plain stupid. :P

I actually believe there are people like this out there, I mean, there’s SO many fed up nazis around, what can you expect? But there are many signs that this is a hoax… It’s reeking of irony and even tho she misspells every other word wrong, she can spell “whore” correct. And she listens to Pink Floyd. You can’t be fed in the head if you like Pink Floyd, now can you? Hehe…

Don’t knock the 'Floyd! It’s so… deep. Man this shit is good.

Hmmz… i hear a lot of ex-Americans in my country saying that they couldn’t believe how they were brainwashed so severely when they were still in the US.

Every by government word spoken there, they stood for in the past, but they did not knew better than now. All facts and contradictions are better argumented and proven outside the US borders.
Within the US, people don’t know who to believe since there are also a lot of beloni journalists out there.

Don’t worry. The US are not the only country having fun with this. Australians are getting more like this every day. Our population just re-elected the Bush-sympathetic party: not only for the 4th term in a row: but with an increased majority. They now have absolute power in both legistative houses and the ability to pass any bill they like.

It scares me. It’s almost like an autocracy.

And now, after the American elections are over, we now know who the real boss of Australia is. Again.

Australia?!?! Where did your brain go?

honestly, it’s sort of disorienting. i’m not a citizen so i didn’t get to vote, but it doesn’t matter because, my vote wouldn’t have made a difference in my state because, the electoral system in the US is totally stupid. so yeah, i live in a really liberal part of the country and, am completely stunned by the amount of support that the guy was able to scratch up. all of it powered by totalitarian rhetoric about “freedom” and “faith” and “evil”. the irony of the whole situation is the most sickening bit. the media’s only angle is making the whole thing sensationalist enough to keep viewers interested. the whole election season seemed like one very long sporting event. and everyone swallowed it, cheered when everyone else cheered and went home at the end of the day thinking they had some level of involvement in bringing home the winning team. after all this, this place seems very forgeign all of a sudden. :angry:

It can even get worse like in our country…

People tried to vote away our liberal party (the party of money and arrogance) and they really lost a lot of seats the last two terms.
But they still seem to have this charisma to be joined in the coalition-venture everytime this coalition has to be formed. Why? Simply because the biggest party has to pick a coalition-partner to work with. And the biggest party used to be a real family party in the past, today no-one can identify this party anymore to it’s original standards so the masses that voted for them made an unexpected mistake.

Currently our government is seated with folks that have no real idea what the definition of the term “people” is.

They politically supported the American Invasion while ‘military’ they did not.
No normal people in our country backed our government with any idea of support.

They break down the social system a lot of people worked very hard for many years… The whole country protests, nobody of the government listens…

I did not vote for any of the coalition partners there.

My brother told me he cried on election night when they got back in. I refused to watch or listen to anything, but I still woke up knowing.
I don’t think it’s just us. I don’t think it’s just anyone in particular. It’s the whole goddamned world.
It was put succinctly by Kath: “You are effluent, Kim.”

I’m gonna write some gloomcore now.

In any event, some of you need to learn the fine art of humility. You’re lowly organisms all the same, whether you’d have voted for Bush or not. If any of you think you’re more evolved because you follow another doctrine (a humongous yawn to all you WE’RE not ‘dogmatic’ ppl btw), just go look in the mirror for a sec and revel at how stupid you are for thinking you’re not. :panic:

“1.) im sry for hatin ne1. i dont hate u. i realy dont. i dont hate frenchies (i just dislike them) i dont hate arabs i dont hate negros i dont hate asian ppl. i wuz wrong to say that. i just strongly disliek some of thos ppl.”

Not bad :)
I’m a frog by the way so you can imagine how warm this french-hating fashion in the US feels to me :)

I wonder how people can f*ck up their writting so bad when their native tong is English…