I think this melody is solid, but I don't know how to finish this track ;) (Edit: added XRNS for ya)

Update: Here’s the Link to the XRNS, if you want to edit / recreate / remix it.



Yes, it’s a good starting point! Depend of how you imagine to continue, which mood.

If this is more an orchestral track you shoud make a variation around 0’34 by adding a new theme or instrument (oboe, flute…), maybe with removing one the other instrument at same time to keep the mix clear.


Since it’s your track you are the only one who knows how it will go,maybe not yet but in time you will find the way be patient.Start humming while the track plays or better yet make a new track and record any ideas that come in mind so you have many option later to add to your track.That is what I do when I am stuck in a loop,record little ideas in a different track while looping then later some of those ideas will fit somewhere in the track so I can progress.In this track I can hear that the piano must do a small change at the end so you can introduce another section .Share the project if you want so we can play with it


Hard to really say (i tend to build up songs by playing around with stuff until it clicks) but if I were to try some “tricks”, I’d look at key modulation, and also see what notes you’re currently not using and work them into a second part. The return to them main theme but with some variation or different orchestration.


Yes, nice start. If I can suggest, try to more develope your main idea/melody and try to avoid to be repetitive. The background music deserves some automation and litte reverb.
How to write orchestral music can learn for example from these awesome channels:


As others said before me said. You’ve got a nice idea. Now it is time to develop it.

Add variation. To the notes. Or, if you’re keen on keeping the exact same notes, try adding a counter melody over it. Or a rhythmic variation. Rinse and repeat until you’ve got a much longer, evolving melody.

But the important questions are; where do you want to go with this? What colour, what mood do you want for you piece? What are you trying to say with this music?

Once you know that think about what that means in terms of arrangement. Is it fast or slow. Does it sound thick and heavy or light and nimble. Does it need epic driving percussion to get that feeling across. Or more sound design ambient stuff. Or whatever.

If you’re really stuck you can always give Brian Eno’s Oblique Strategies a try. You can find them online for free here or there.

One of my personal favorites is “use an inappropriate colour”.

To me, in the case of music, it means trying to add something of a different style or genre that doesn’t really fit. But it can also be an unlikely instrument, of course. And then just try to make it work.

Good luck!


Everybody’s right! It’s up to you how to continue, it depends on what you would like to achieve. I can imagine this to be an orchestral track, in this case I would add some more instruments and some more melodies, especially strings. Maybe also use a second instrument playing the main melody in parallel with a few variations. Or you can turn it into something mixed, maybe something like this:

Or like eretsua said, use some uncommon instruments. Of course you can also use your piece as an intro and let the song evolve into something with more drive, just like this:

Anyway, you will get something out of it. It’s a good start. :slightly_smiling_face:



Here is the XRNS, if some of you want to update/change anything.