I Tried Out Three New Things In Renoise Tonight!

So I had a weird moment with Renoise tonight… And I was trying out several things. The most interesting of these things that I tried was the multi-band send. I don’t know if I was always overlooking this device, or is this new in 2.8? Or 2.7… cause of my break I took, ( I took like a 10-18 month break from production ) I think I missed a lot of changes in the 2.7 - 2.8 area, and I certainly don’t remember this device in 2.1… back in the day… yo. lol

Anyways… What is really interesting about the multi-band send, is that you can effect 1 sound in 3 ways… DuH! Seems like I’m silly and this is obvious. but check this out. its a way to do multiband compression, multiband eq, multiband delay, multiband phasing. Its really something neat. Let’s take a hi-hat for example… hi-hat is a bad example, but it does not share exactly what I did, and lets you experiment on your own… ;)

You could if you wanted to… Compress the low end of the hi-hat, and add reverb. In the mid section, you could have a totally different compression, compressor, setting or otherwise, and add let’s say, “phaser.” On the treble, you could add filter, or transient shaper.

Possibilities are endless. Its really, really weird what you can do with the multi-band send.

Ok, now the other stuff I have tried out tonight, most specifically new to me, is rendering a plugin to an instrument. That is an amazing feature. I know that is not like, “a tip or a trick.” But worth a mention.

Also, not new to me, but I must mention, the more I use Renoise, the more I get into pattern commands, and effects.

Finally, this is really also a great feature, “processing track dsp’s on your sample.” This is an amazing sound design tool. And I believe I’ve been doing it here and there, but I really got to see this in a new light tonight.

And doing all these things together, I just had this really weird, sort of, “out of trip,” experience with Renoise. totally trippy

You certainly can get more done in an hour with Renoise than with any other DAW I’m aware of. It won’t be uncommon for long to nail a full 3:30 pop track from zero-inspiration to mastered WAV in half a day or less. The productivity enhancements plus all the plugins makes this one fluid, powerful beast.

nice enthusiasm there! :)
here’s a hint for your question about the Multiband Send: http://www.renoise.com/release-notes/270