I try to add a toolbar but I'm failing :D

I have very very basic coding knowledge yet I try to come up with an additional toolbar

So far I was able to create a xrnx tool. I’ve set up a manifest.xml and a main.lua
I also created the option to keybinding and added a menu entry. Here it stops :smiley:

I tried to call a widget via the menu entry but failed this is the error message.

*** main.lua:23: variable 'show_dialog' is not declared
*** stack traceback:
***   [C]: in function '_error'
***   [string "local mt = getmetatable(_G)..."]:29: in function <[string "local mt = getmetatable(_G)..."]:24>
***   main.lua:23: in function <main.lua:23>

But hey maybe some coders are can come up easily with what I want to achieve:

I want to create a widget toolbar which reflects parts of context menu in the sample editor menu. So I/we could have a floating widget with options like “Cross Reverse” / “Rubberband-Aid” / “Generate Custome Wave” … I do not necessarily need icons pure text-buttons would be fine too.

I took a look at the Renoise ViewBuilder API Reference but can’t get my head around it :frowning:
I also tried to alter and/or copy parts of code from other tools but nothing works.

Any tips on how to come forward? Thanks

There are more examples below, where you don’t use the prompt style for window. renoise.app():show_custom_dialog is the way to go.


Thanks for the fast replies and hints… I’ll give it a check…

Thanks for pointing to GitHub. Those examples are helping a lot. First steps are made: widget and first buttons with actions added. I hope this will not become a rabbit hole :smiley: