I used to be punk rock

Hello people,
Today my ep was released on the streaming platforms.
I heavily used renoise to make it :slight_smile:

If you buy it on bandcamp (you can listen it there for free as many times as you want), as a bonus, you’ll find the renoise file with the “what else is there to lose” track.

Thank you :slight_smile:


congrats on the release!!! :beers: :fireworks:

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Thank you!

Congrats! Had a listen now and I’ll probably listen to it more, I enjoyed it very much! Wish I had time to write and comment more but work is bitching me :stuck_out_tongue:

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Never mind @Denim, I know work can be very hectic, I suffer from this too. :slight_smile:
I’m glad you liked it!

Here’s another video from the EP