I Wanna Change My Username

I wanna change my username from Bloody_Eugene to Stefano_Zanca.
How can I do it???

Thanks! :D

Username or display name?
Well displayname has been changed, username so far remains the same.

I meant username!!! So it’s all ok now!!!

Thank you very much!!! :*

Ok, so change the display name back then ;)

Well, then he no longer can logon unless he is notified of it :P


can I also ask for changing my display name from “Rafal Zawadzki” to “bluszcz”? :)

If it helps - I am registered Renoise user :walkman:

Thanks in advance!

Done. PS: being registered user doesn’t help :)

No but personal paypal transfers may work to advantages…

Sorry to bother, but can I get my display name changed to “NightDriller”? I had an old account from 2008 with that name and I lost the password and the email to it. Its only got like one post.

You used a gmail account with that. (nightdriller). Also forgot the password?

Yeah, the display name was actually “Night Driller” with a space in the middle of the words. I forgot the actual username and I forgot which e-mail I used, I just had my old gmail account shut down recently. If you can’t do it thats OK, I just want to be known by my musician name, instead of this cheesy one I made up on the spot.

Never mind. Took a stab in the dark with my old login. Thanks for helping me remember! Now I have to change some stuff on here. Sorry for making more than one profile, I promise I’ll stick to this one.

I have merged your bogus account with the one you have reactivated

Thanks again!

Thank you very much :)


Can my name also be changed from “Ashkan Asgary” to “taktik”?

Thank you in advance!

That name is unfortunately already taken.

But are usernames case-sensitive? He could call himself:


I’m to lazy to list any more. :P

EDIT 1: Oh, and Night Driller, WTF IS UP WITH YOUR AVATAR!?
EDIT 2: I looked at Ashgan’s signature, and I believe he should be renamed to ashy!mpala. Oh, and that “!” is part of his name, not the end of the sentence.

I was talking about trademarks here, not about case typing.