I Wanna Make It Stop! :d

Here’s the question: is there a command or something that allows me to stop playing the song when it reaches the final position of the last pattern, instead of looping? I know FastTracker always looped (at least, I thought so), yet, I became accustomed to Modplug’s facility not to loop a song. I always liked that. Is it possible in Renoise? I’m using version 1.281. Maybe it’s possible in the new version and not in this version. I tried to RTFM, but didn’t find anything.

what about setting the speed to as slow as possible?

an explicit stop command instead of speed zero is must …

i rember i asked the same when i was a Renoise newbie B)

as it was in FT2, you should be able to stop the song by putting an F000, which basically sets the speed to 0

Well, that should do, I guess. Now I remember I did that in FT2, after seeing it in a track by one of those scene legends like Hunz or Skaven. Well, this is not a perfect solution, but it’s better than nothing.

What’s the difference? :unsure:

Or something like a on/off button for stopping the song when it has reached the final line of the final pattern in opposite to looping the last pattern/whole song???

“F000” does stop the song, not setting the speed to zero, nor doing whatever.