I want everybody to check out me new tune!

( BoomBapPow in song list )

aint written a tune for about 4-6 years untill now!! bit rusty!! got the lyrics from a friend! ( recorded) crit welcome new to renoise, the last thing i wrote a tune on was the amiga!!!


PaulR :blink:

not my music-style but … with the vocals - it grooves!

not bad :drummer: (<<< listen to the song and look at the dummer-icon)


have you made all the sounds by your self?

i made the beat from midi sounds and samples, the vocals are a friend, the other bits are just synths and effects really? why that? i did’nt beat a drum and record it!!! if thats what you mean??

paulr :blink:

i was only curious :)
when i make my musik i think its imortant to make all the sound by myself (if you can count the drums in rebirth to that?)

it was a great song, but it sounds more like electro in my ears. :)