I Want Feel Your Keys

Well here it is :) 1st it was chillout with tribal part, but i cuted most. Hope you like it ;)


Nice track, very driving and eerie. I particularly like the extra percussion (sounds like bongos)? Keep up the good work Simonus!


I like the driving bass combined with the beat. Gets a bit messy towards the end. But other than that, good job!


Thx for listening :)and possitive feedback ;)

Nice loop & driving beat, little bit monotonous for the first few minutes, but I guess that’s the style. Like it at 3.30 with the eerie bells coming in.

I liked it, awesome intro :) Also, creepy melody, starting at 2:50, was ace!

Woo, ace track. Really tight and professional stuff :)

That’s a very nice track ! The drums are very good, the bass is cool, the voice samples fit the genre… But this break isn’ t cool according to me ! And the little blips after it either, you may need to rework that.

And I’ m really not into “real house” :)

nais! great stuff :yeah:

Ok thx for comment i might do something about it since it was unplanned break. And im not into house too i just made track cuz i was trying to figure out how trance guys making such nice vocal echoes throu the tracks :)

It was nice song to listen to, I didn’t notice it has ended so short - and that’s one of better things it’s able to say about track in this genre :).

sweeeeeeeeett! nice use of vocal samples!! :walkman:

yep, what he said.