I Want To Be Byte-smasher

Can someone tell me how to be me? I really want to sound like I want to sound, and to express my own ideas. I find it really hard to find my own voice in this cacophony of copycatism. Thx.

rewsna eht dnif ot rorrim eht ta kool

I reckon you’d be better off being Foo?

Smash bytes?

I want to be Venetian Smasher

I also wish I was me. Or not? I’m confused…

all these wannabe topics these days.
just be dr. drips, you really don’t want to be anybody else then.

but really, the sound that makes your sound is the sound most unheard by yourself.

and i just want to be happy :)

Why don’t you Byte my Smashes in the Venetian way Foo!? :P

Hmm… interesting piece of wisdom… good advice, yes? But perhaps it is moreso the sound you wish to hear more of :yeah:

… or perhaps the sound that you’ve imagined that noone, not even you, has ever heard :o

Yeah I know what you are talking about… I always have that sound in my head just before I start to make a song… but the song never sounds like what I was trying to make… lol I guess that sound is unreachable and that’s why it’s so great.

Oh it’s not unreachable… there are many artists that reach it… it just takes persistence, and a working knowledge of sound synthesis and production.

and drugs

I want to be kaneel. Not seriously but I like french food. :P

if I was kaneel, I would be French

if i was french, i would be kaneel

and it’s the best part!.. GINGER POWER!!

We shall control the universe.

Can I be part of the secret plans?

This thread is supposed to be about wanting to be BYTE-Smasher… NOT KANEEL! > :(

if you were french and redheaded… maybe you would be popular like kaneel… and then we would spam about you… :P

until you change your mind and join our clan, we will plan our world domination in your thread :P