I Want To Make Some Soft Ambient Sounds

Working on an album that I want to have a lot of soft melodies/sounds. So far I’ve used the sinewave in 2 tracks. I don’t have any extra VST’s of the sound I want at the moment. I don’t have a particular sound im looking for, just some soft pads or synths or anything that would sound ambient. Any suggestions?

I don’t know what you consider to be ambient, maybe post a youtube link of what you have in mind? But/////

any sound without a hard ‘attack’ ( be it samples or vsti), requiring some time to fade in + long-ass echo(delay) feedback settings = ambient win.

I’d try and get or better yet, record your own, environment sounds to layer underneath. I prefer the noisiness over clean synth noodling. Better check out the kvr forum, because there are a lot of threads on this and vsti recommendations.

Ditto on all that, plus the observation that everything becomes more sine-like through a lowpass filter.

Well it 's logical that everything becomes sinelike trough a lowpass , becomes a lowpass filters out the higher harmonics .
Maybe you could try an easy tu use additive synth and start stackig sinewaves ( harmonics ) to create your ambient sound ., in comibantion with some gentle pitch envelopes and chorus you’ll get a long way
I highly recommend 'kjaerhus audio spectra ’ easy to use additive synth …and sounds verry good

ZynAddSubFX produces amazing sound, but it doesn’t have the best GUI.

HG Fortune has a number of “NFG” (Nearly Forgotten Gems) in 32bit vst that are available for free. A lot of his work on synths was directed at generating ambient sounds. I’ve used several of them over the years and they sound pretty good. I’m partial to the AvatarST Pro and Shuniji Pro 2011 offerings, some very cool ambient sound generation. You might take a look through the Free Content section: http://www.hgf-synthesizer.com/

Here’s a link to the same site where there are some examples of his synths used in ambient compositions: http://www.hgf-synthesizer.com/free-musiccds.html